Are you a female that constantly manipulate others to do your whims? Do you think that men should grovel at your feet because of your outer exterior? Do you expect the world to implode from your good looks? Have you made a man suffer in his life because he rejected you? If any female has answered yes, then they may suffer from a grave group of diseases labeled as this: Pretty Girl Syndrome.

And no, I am not talking about Stokholm Syndrome. Neither the disease or the girl group trio.

And no, I am not talking about Stokholm Syndrome. Neither the disease or the girl group trio.

Pretty Girl Syndrome Story

Before I get to the core of the situation, I need to first get into the fruity meat of all that needs to be explained:

Darc, please help me with this. I have a friend who suffers from pretty girl syndrome.

I love her dearly.  But after 6 years of calling her on her crap when it comes to her kids’ dad, I am tired of the bitterness. After 12 years, I am prepared to cut her off. Two days this week, I hit her with turning painful ex stuff of mine into sunshine and positive outlook. In turn, I feel like I’m baited into defending her kid’s dad. I constantly tell her that “He is not the devil. You are not a victim”. After 6 years, I see no progress and only bitterness. I can’t agree and she can’t just leave me be about it.

Maybe she should talk about something else? Maybe we could agree to disagree. But, she needs to stop. It ain’t my kid. So, I’m at a loss. I feel like blocking her number as she has blocked his.

Darc, tell me what I should do?

Pretty Girl Syndrome Explained

This is how some may act. Pay attention.

This is how some may act. Pay attention.

Well, if your friend suffers from Pretty Girl Syndrome then she is already a welcomed head case. If one was to look at the Urban Dictionary definition of this syndrome, we would find this:

When an attractive female thinks she is far more beautiful than all other women around her. Because of this she thinks she deserves to be treated superiorly, and makes demands on those around her. Her attitude is very centered on herself, but she suffers from very low self-esteem in actuality. Women suffering from pretty girl syndrome are often treated badly by the men they care about the most. [1]

What is most debilitating about this syndrome is that so many women have negative relationships due to their own heightened sense of arrogance. Ron Sturgeon, author of Men Are Pigs, said that “the more beautiful a woman is, the more likely she is to be an inconsiderate, self-absorbed head case” [2]. With all of this said, the Pretty Girl Syndrome has destroyed her relationship with her former lover.

Pretty Girl Syndrome Issues

I’ll bet that the main reason your friend is clinging to her ex is due to the fact that he won’t acknowledge her beauty through worship. She probably works hard to give him the blues through their kid(s). She is so self-piteous that she hasn’t realized she has caused the rift between them. Instead of letting go, she wants to become a thorn in his side. Pretty Girl Syndrome and relationships only work if she thinks she is Aprhodite and he adulates the ground she walks on by dropping rose petals.

pretty girl syndrome 1

Another problem that may have occurred is her lack of satisfaction. Women with Pretty Girl Syndrome are too hard to please. They want it all because they think they deserve it all. So, they are looking for men that meet certain requirements at all times. This leads them to drop a good man for “something better”. She never realized the golden rule of dating: sometimes, the people you date aren’t better; they are just different.

Thus, you should leave her alone. She has not realized that men are turned off by women with Pretty Girl Syndrome. Why would a man want to deal with a woman that feels the planets revolve around her? After a while, they know the relationship will do nowhere. She will drop him due to desiring more, or he will leave due to the unnecessary compromises expected.

Plus, her diseased mentality may spread to you. And that is something you don’t want to catch: a disease that causes unnerving arrogance.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!