Well, it seems that Diggame had a few questions about life, love, and you hilarious people in the world. Being the smart aleck little schmuck that I am, I decided to give him some food for thought by answering each and every question. I hope this sheds some light on these situations. If not, then I give up dammit!!!

1.) What the hell is wrong with Rick Ross right now with the rape lyrics he spewed on that Rocko track? Why was Rick Ross explanation half ass and why the DJ who interviewed him just dick rode Ross the time?

Because this is the music business as a whole. There are too many yes men and ass lickers in the game nowadays. You go against the grain? Then you have to worry about being blacklisted and blocked.

2.) So is it hot in the streets to have booty goons?


3.) And if those booty goons do exist is there a place of employment for Fleece “Booty Warrior” Johnson when he gets released in 2017?

Fleece has more important things to worry about. One of them is getting his royalties from The Boondocks.

4.) Why so much backlash from women over Issa Rae’s new web series “How Men Become Dogs?”

I have no clue. The show is hilarious to me. Yeah, it covers some stereotypes. So what? It is comedy. It happens. Plus, there are plenty of men and women like this. NOBODY is perfect in these episodes. NOBODY.

5.) Besides Hoopz, what happened to all the chicks that were on Flavor of Love?

I mean, they did what they set out to achieve: to become booty models, porn stars, or club party hostesses.

6.) Does anyone else have a chance of beating the Miami Heat for the NBA title?

Yeah. The OKC Thunder can get em hell if they stay focused. Also, the San Antonio Spurs can do some damage if they don’t realize that Tim Duncan is about to retire in the next year or two. Other than that? Hell no.

7.) Why is Dr. Ben Carson “blacking out” right now?

He is blacking out because he is probably worn out from “lightening up”.

8.) Am I the only one who thinks that the murder of the Texas District attorney and his wife is deeper than we are being told? The Feds just don’t get involved in murders like that right?

There are always issues beneath the surface. There is always something that goes unspoken. That is the funny thing about living in America: there are too many instances of hidden information and ulterior motives. Then people wonder why there are so many paranoid people and conspiracy theorists.

9.) Who didn’t think G.I. Joe: Retaliation was going to be that bad?

The first one wasn’t good. You expect the second one to be any better?

10.) How drunk was cyclist Peter Sagan for doing some grab ass doing the trophy presentation after a race?


I mean, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. He just won the race. You should be shocked that she didn’t flash those titties.

11.) Has the idea of 2 minutes of fame been reduced to 20 seconds?

Naw, man. Most of these cats have extended their 15 minutes of fame as is.

12.) How real are things getting in North Korea now?

Time to drop it again!!!

Time to drop it again!!!

Realer than the weight gain on Kim Kardashian.

13.) Who else thinks Justin Bieber may need to quit hanging out with rappers before they ruin his career?

Burr, Burr!!!

Burr, Burr!!!

I don’t. I mean, if Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane can break up over young Selena Gomez, anything is worthwhile for my entertainment.

14.) Mentioning Flavor of Love why did I never see this gem of a video featuring Flavor of Love’s Sinceer?

Well, probably because she is more washed up than clothes soaking in Oxydol.

15.) Why don’t they just leave Gucci Mane in jail?

Cause he is endangered of having his face licked due to that ice cream cone being tatted on his face. Fleece Johnson would have a field day with that. He would probably yell out “Burr, Burr!!!” as he takes Radric’s manhood.

16.) This year for movies has to get better right?

Hopefully, I can give you some hope. Otherwise, I am failing.

17.) So let me get this straight Olympus is Fallen and White House Down aren’t the same movie?

Of course. But they were hoping you weren’t paying attention. Meanwhile, I await the fifth installment of Freddy featuring Michael Myers while Aliens pop out of Jason’s Body.

18.) Were you upset about The Walking Dead Finale?

I don’t even watch the show. I JUST started getting into Game of Thrones. NOW, I’m an addict of that show. I will just have to get some DVDs or read the comics and call it a day.

19.) Was Tyler Perry’s Temptation as melodramatic as I thought it would be?

You were expecting more? You mean to tell me that you thought Tyler would go outside of the “black female doing dumb shit” or “black male acting like a castrated clown” stereotypes that summarize many of his tomes towards religious escapism and amorous fairy tales? Perish the thought, sir. Perish the thought.

20.) Does Rahm Emanuel really have a legitimate reason for closing 50 inner city Chicago public schools?

Yes. Money, cash….money, cash, hoes.

21.) After seeing the trailer who else is geeked as me for Kick Ass-2?

It has a Jim Carrey feature. I’m already sold.

22.) Who else is tired of all the reality singing competitions (American Idol, The Voice, and X-Factor)?

In reference to my answer for your first question, this is the music business. What better way for record labels to generate interest in artists than to have staged competitions so they can provide different revenue streams through their pimptastic 60 deals. This way, they don’t have to work as hard to A&R an artist. They know what you like. They know what to sell you. Everybody’s happy. Or not.

23.) Why didn’t we appreciate the sitcom “Between Brothers”?

The same reasons we didn’t appreciate sitcoms like “Roc” or “South Central”.

24.) Who has the Final Four correct in their NCAA Tourney pool?

alley-oop_FGC_nail in coffin

Personally, I have been burned too many times by those brackets. To hell with em, I say.

25.) Does anyone else feel like this Trayvon Martin case is going to be more drawn out than the OJ trial?

I mean, it’s America. That trial will play out as long as ratings are concerned.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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