Who knows about this jam from this cult classic of a movie? Man, I swear I used to bump this through the yard of Alabama State University. K Ci would sing his heart out about troubles, tribulations, and simple hardships. This song connected with people locked up, whether it is in jail, prison, or other precarious situations. “Life” was a song for the struggle.

My issue is this: sometimes, we don’t realize WHY we are struggling in the first place.


I am just having a hard time at life. I can’t truly make friends. I can’t get the cool girls that I want in school. So I want to ask you: how did you do it? How did you become the cool guy with the wonderful future wife and the nice life?


Let me put it to you this way: I’m not doing THAT good. If you been through what I been through, I’m not even sure you would want what I have. A lot of the things I experienced weren’t even necessary. Plus, it isn’t like I’m on the level of Warren Buffett or someone. At the end of the day, if I don’t move my feet then I won’t eat.


Still, I have come a long way like those long ass cigarettes from Virginia (you see what I just did there)?
The reality is this: many people don’t have what they want because they live by the The LA Lakers 2012-13 Theory. Now, this is a theory I comprised myself. It deals with the fact that, even with all the pieces in place you need, there is no synergy. There is no progression. As a person, you have all the tools but you still can’t make a bookshelf with the how-to manual attached.

Peep the prognoses: you see the LA Lakers right now? I bet you do. They are a shell of what they should be. Kobe Bryant is always with the media letting it be known he is pissed. Pau Gasol is coming off the bench. Steve Nash is trying, but things aren’t gelling. Plus, we aren’t sure if Dwight Howard is wearing boxer briefs or a thong when he gets on the floor. To put it simply, their situation is a mess.

Dwight Howard

But why is that?

You can see that part of the reason is the coaching. D’Antoni may not have been the correct fit for the team. They probably would have fared better with Phil Jackson or someone that is more rigid yet philosophically sound. The players are not responding. So, the coaching change from Mike Brown to D’Antoni was the wrong situation.


OR, it could be the players not doing their jobs. You have four all-stars (and even future hall of famers) on one squad. They are supposed to come together and make things happen. They should have enough basketball IQ to deviate from plays when necessary. They should have an understanding when the play was perfectly designed for their situation. They should know how to work together to best fit their needs and strengths.

Like Kenny Smith said in recent times: the playbook is for the players that can’t play.

Where does that leave you in the analogy? Well, that is simple: you either need to be a better coach or find better players in your life. You either need to figure out what you are doing wrong or find people that better suit your livelihood and existence. Somebody isn’t doing their due diligence on the court of life. So ask yourself: is it the coaching or your player selection?

Either become the better coach (make better decisions) or find better personnel around you (cut off the dead weight).

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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