“Ooooooo, Paula Deen used the word nigger!” many people have said as I work my way through Twitter and Facebook so I can increase my time of snappy put downs and unadulterated slander. I was too busy trying to avoid this conversation. Yet, all I kept hearing (and keep hearing) about is Paula Deen and the use of the “N” word. I guess people don’t want to let it go. In short, I guess people are ultimately in awe and surprise about her use of racist and derogatory language.

To that I say this: Get-The-F&%$-Out-Of-Here-With-That-BS!!!

Even Ed Lover ain't feeling you.

Even Ed Lover ain’t feeling you.

Do we really need to get into why you should lose that surprised/ashamed of her look off of your faces? Honestly, most of you should be relieved that she finally got it out into the atmosphere so we know it’s real.

Chocolate covered lie: we should be surprised/ashamed that Paula Deen has some racism going on.

Although Her Actions Weren’t The Brightest

Alright, so we all know that she didn’t make the brightest decision when it came to the use of such language. While she did give the typical, run-of-the-mill apology, did many of us take it seriously? She didn’t apologize because she was WRONG. She apologized because she got caught. I would have felt better if she said “My bad” and kept on moving.

Did one of her jokes involve "white rice" and "brown rice"? No? Oh.

Did one of her jokes involve “white rice” and “brown rice”? No? Oh.

With that given, this brings up the issue of using discretion. As a woman of her age and stature, she should know better than to act a certain way “in public”. If you are going to be a racist, then that is one you. If you are going to make racist jokes, then that is on you. However, having an empire based on a high fatty commodity that many people love endangers you to the opinions and judgment of the public.

Oh, and I’m not making anything that she did okay. I’m just saying.

I STILL Don’t Understand The Surprise

We all know that Paula Deen was born January 19, 1947. That means that she was in the cusp of the Civil Rights Movement. This also means that she probably seen Jim Crow work its “black magic” (no puns) on the nation. And with that come the segregation, separatism, and overall salacious slander of African Americans. Thus, Paula Deen grew up in racially stringent times.

But, oh no: America has to play the “politically correct” card and act like we should be shocked by this kind of behavior.

Whether or not she is “racist” over all matters not. What should matter is that she comes from a racially charged time in which sneers and slander dealing with “niggers”, “japs”, “kikes”, “slanty eyed cocksuckers”, “wet backs”, and any other type of racist language was as common law as in house long term marriages. What should also matter is that the southern culture helped made this type of thinking acceptable. What should be known is that many whites have a lineage of cultural privilege in the Antebellum south. Racist or not, she probably thinks a certain away about “people” in general.

plantations recipes

I have noticed the problem here: we, as a nation, have long been too accepting of this “we are the world” mumbo jumbo that these statements take some (keyword) of us by surprise. You really think an old school southerner that has made millions off of plantation recipes high in saturated fat won’t have a few racial quips here and there? If you think so, then I a low fat, vegan recipe for you based solely on spinach and butter. If you realize the truth, then act like it. Paula Deen is just like anybody else from her time: full of her own prejudices and judgments.

Point blank: can we move on from this? If you want to have a dialogue to actually eradicate racism, then let us do that. However, wasting time worrying about what an old school woman says that was racially suspect is not worth our time. You would have better time stopping rappers from doing the popular drug of the day. At least THAT is subject to trends. Paula Deen’s behavior is no trend; it is the actualization of the racism in our civilization. So please act like it and pass the butter for my damn croissants.

Hey, he said he is a God....I don't agree, but the arrogance IS entertaining.

Hey, he said he is a God….I don’t agree, but the arrogance IS entertaining.

Praise Yeezus.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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