One bad apple spoils the bunch. – Unknown

A bad apple may spoil the bunch because we never open the bag and toss its spoiled ass out. – Darcwonn1906

Being Black in America tends to be something of a difficult process. For the most part, Black people are far from perfect. However, as a race, we continually stress the need/desire to be respected, honor, and treated equitably. We understand that many things have happened to us for whatever reason. Still, we labor and toil for the greatness/full-fledged potential that America still possess.

At some point, a few colleagues of mine came across a video dealing with a house catching on fire. This situation (albeit over 4 years old) became fresh for some of the people I associate myself with. It dealt with negligence of parents/caretakers/family over the care of kids. The aunt, with little regard to the situation, mentioned the fact that she was more worried about her food stamp card being destroyed. At some point, it became clear to my colleagues that some people should not have/take care of children.

Then, a comment came about that I agreed with/didn’t really care for at the same time. The statement had to do with “…and we wonder why other races don’t respect us”.

I mean…

Chocolate covered lie: Black people should keep concerning themselves with the opinions of other races.

On One Side, It Makes Sense

You know what? I can respect the reply given. I understand that our communities could use some unity at this moment (and any other time). I get the idea of a “village raising a child” and our people taking personal responsibility for situations in their community. I believe that helping someone by “putting them on your shoulders” and assisting them because they are your brother/sister is the noble thing to you. With so many broken homes and communities decimated by the landslide of poverty, lacking resources, and overall ignorance/stupidity, it would be hard for most Black people to not feel some type of way.

Peace to Rich Homie Quan.

Still, There Is A Problem

As much as our concern for the promise and productivity of our own people is a necessity, there is a problem with it. What many Black people (and people of other races) have not taken the time to figure out is that one person doesn’t represent the entire race or culture. Every race has its grade A lower class of individuals; Black people are not going to be any different anytime soon.


Yet, I only KNOW of Black people concerning themselves with our people making “all of us” look bad. I only KNOW of Black people giving a damn about what other races have to say about us due to constant media scrutiny. The keyword is KNOW. Other races may do it, too. But I don’t know, or care about, their situation. At the present moment, I am only concerned with mine.

In general, us Black people always feel the need to be overly critical of ourselves in the same way that others work their best to criticize us. I say: screw that.

If we want to unshackle some chains that have been cast around our mental appendages since slavery and Jim Crow, then part of that process starts with doing one simple thing: we can stop giving a fuck about what others think about us.
Let us be serious: the racist portion of White America let us know how they feel about us as soon as the jurors let George Zimmerman walk away with murder. After that, what did you see? A flood of bullshit commentary making it seem like that Trayvon, and Black America has a whole, deserve the torment, terror, and foolishness that has been cast down upon us (whether we deserved it or not). Not only did people work to deny Black people of the respect WE deserve, bait-and-switch tactics consisting of “telling Black America about themselves” and “solving Black on Black crime issues” came about from the situation. In short, the racist portion of White America responded to the issue by bringing up irrelevant (and sometimes misleading) issues to satiate their constituencies.

Our ancestors slaved to make this country to be the potential powerhouse.

Our ancestors slaved to make this country to be the potential powerhouse.

And these are the people’s opinions we want to concern ourselves with? Okay, you can do that. Cause I don’t give a flying fuck about them. My hands are wiped clean with them AND the idiotic Black mass that wants to agree with their underhanded tactics for the sake of appearing conformist and white-washed.

If you are Black and don’t like how some of your people act? That is fine.

If you want to concern yourself with what bad things your people do? That is great.

But outside motivation from those that don’t even have our best interests at heart is a waste. Why listen to those that will always have something bad to say? Why concern yourselves with people that can’t even tell the truth or the whole story? Why deal with the willfully ignorant? If you can’t give a worthwhile answer to the previous questions, then maybe you need to care a little less about other people’s opinions.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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