Judge me if you want to, but this song does the job for me. The production is on that computerized madness. The topic: technology and the female. The bigger issue: there was a concern with how technology disrupts the connection between people. Or, you can consider how people are mindwarped by technology’s uses. Whatever the case, 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake made something to jam to  and think about.

But, what happens when technology is used to further your advances of infidelity?


I have noticed a trend.  My girlfriend acts like she is sleepy at around 12:30 every night.  She will say “I’m going to bed” or even fall asleep on the phone.  So, I eventually hang up. Recently, I found out she was on Skype with another guy right after hanging up with me. She was talking to him right after we hung up to 3am. On her twitter she said “This n***a actin’ up on Skype lol” and then “He got me up all night lol”. When I talked to her, she said that it was an old friend. But “old friends” are not with you on Skype until 3 in the morning. Nor are they having you “actin’ up”, either. Should I let her go?


Man, please let her go.

There isn’t anything for you to realize about this situation. Everything you need to know you have pretty much discovered. For one, she isn’t every forthcoming. She will lie to you. Another thing is that she will get on Skype with her side pieces/former lovers/”best friends” and THEN announce it to Twitter like it is nothing. So, anything worth learning has already been clarified for you.

The storyline of YOUR life.

The storyline of YOUR life.

Then, there is the biggest issue of all: she is reckless.

If you haven’t realized in life, then realize this: there is nothing worse than a reckless human being. People that do either random dumb stuff or try to be clever without fully using their brain cells is a headache.  She couldn’t even be honest when you caught her up. She gave you the “oh, he’s just a friend” spiel like you were the modern day Biz Markie. In short, recklessness can by synonymous to negligence.

She ain't just a friend, though. Be forewarned.

She ain’t just a friend, though. Be forewarned.

Oh, and let us not forget the additional issue: she doesn’t take you seriously. Anybody in their right mind would come up with something better than “he’s an old friend”. Also, anybody in their right mind wouldn’t get off the phone to get on Skype just to be up and not get enough sleep. NOW, her issues with being a “runner” has just complicated a simple matter. If she had any real respect for you, she would have played the situation a lot smarter.

It is just the truth, though.

It is just the truth, though.

Now that you know she isn’t worth the time or effort, you need to find a female that is more suitable for realistic relationships. You caught her up, now you can easily give her up. She is reckless, unprofound, and not very respectful. Once you drop her, you can move on with life and find someone new. Next go around, make sure this female has common sense to not get off the phone just to play stripper on the internet.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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