Since I am a father, it must be known that fatherhood can be taxing. If you live with the child, then you know that you have to serve as an example of manhood. If you are NOT living with the child, your responsibilities are the same. Beyond the monetary and materialism, a father pays his patriarchal tithes through love, guidance, and time spent. Therefore, any man working hard to do their job as a father should be honored.

This is especially true when there are too many fathers out there that DON’T take care of their responsibilities.

Yet, we have a case of a man being punished for “doing too much” and “not following his scheduled obligations”. Clifford Hall, a man that works hard to be a father to his child, wanted to make sure his child support situation was correctly paid up. Eventually, he paid off any back pay in child support and made sure that he saw his son on a regular basis. However, due to adjustments made by his ex-wife, Hall ended up overpaying his child support by $3,000 and over-visiting his son. On top of that, he was made to pay his ex-wife’s lawyer fees and found in contempt of court.


So, this man’s “thank you” for trying to do his job (and overdoing it) was a 6 month jail sentence.

If you are as confused as I am, then don’t worry. It doesn’t make much sense.

I don’t know who should be insulted more (besides Clifford Hall): single fathers, single mothers, the children, or America as a whole. Let us face a quick fact laced opinion: our justice system for child support related situations is only worthy of wiping our bottoms after we use the bathroom.

This situation raises some statements and questions:

1.)    Is there more to this story or is it actually this insane?

2.)    At what point was it legal (or right) for a man’s child support stipulations to be made without his knowledge? Is this actually legal? And if so, then why?

3.)    This judge made a terrible decision: Wouldn’t you think that the judge would have thrown this case out and moved on with life? You have a man that “overdid” his responsibilities and he is punished. At what point does one actually recognize that the judge is making a mockery out of a system supposedly built to be in the assistance of the welfare of children. This maddening decision helps no one. In fact, it harms the most important person: the child.

4.)    Situations like this don’t help those involved: the child should be the main focus. At some point, the child stopped being the main focus. The law is supposed to be upheld in the light of making sure responsibilities are being done and needs being met. Putting a man in jail for doing what he is supposed to do will send the wrong message to this child. Also, it puts the child in a very despicable disposition down the road if the father feels a certain type of way afterward. That will lead with issues with the mom and those problems will trickle down to the son. Sometimes, grown people need to stop playing games when children are involved.

5.)    Many people think the judge should be disbarred: and there is no explanation for this. That is their opinion. Personally, I think something should happen with this judge and this decision. Well that and some questions about whose souls were sold to whom.

6.)    This isn’t a healthy situation for future child support cases: Bitter women may look as this as an example of railroading a responsible father. Bitter fathers may use this situation as a pathetic excuse to not to their part. Allowing this situation to exist as it is can possibly set a future precedent on child support situations in the future. And that precedent won’t be anything fruitful or positive.

People should be both appalled and demanding answers. If there is any support to be had for this man, it should be coming as soon as possible. Fatherhood is not a situation that should be taken lightly. Nor should it be castrated by judicial decisions and ulterior motives that do not have children in its best interests. If anything, we should stand up and applaud those that “overdo” their responsibilities and not treat them like criminals.

PLEASE spread the word on this story and if there are any petitions out there for this case, let me know so I can update this blog with it.


Sign the petition on demanding that Rick Perry (Governor of Texas) repeal all of the charges.

You can sign here!!!! Let us make a difference, people!!!! Sign the petition!!! Be heard!

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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