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Success is imminent. Can't you tell?

Success is imminent. Can’t you tell?

Now back to the regularly scheduled program….

A cool cat from my great childhood years in Gary, Indiana reminded me of this heat rock. This song, coming from a GREAT album, tells how I feel. As people, we always want to think we are the only ones struggling. Whether it is ignorance, lack of understanding, or arrogance, we have to feel like our situation is “special”. Give or take a few aspects, many of our struggles aren’t “unique” or “special”. In short, we all struggle in this experience called “life”.

Let others tell it, if you haven’t “been through it”, you shouldn’t “speak on it”.




This will be one of the few blogs I open use a lot of curse words in. Be forewarned.

Comment (Instead of Question):

You can’t say that people should “get over things” when they have been through traumatic experiences. Those experiences are hard to get over. People have been through abuse and so many other things. If you don’t agree, then you don’t understand.

So, people want to go there with it?

Cool. Let’s have fun. I’m built for the eradication of bullshit.

First off, holding on to any negative situation is unhealthy. I understand that the bad memory “may pop up”. However, using anything as a crutch to “feel a certain way” or “act a certain way” for the rest of your life WILL NOT WORK. If it happened long ago, that is where the issue needs to remain. Your past should be a lesson for the future, not a fucking roadblock.

Well...answer the question.....

Well…answer the question…..

Don’t get it misunderstood: I have an understanding of the problematic situations of abuse victims. Abuse can bring about both physical and mental issues that are last longing from depression to the contraction of HIV [1]. Those are not issues to take lightly. Also, the cost for child abuse victims, estimated by the CDC, is at $210,012 each victim [2]. So, I know that it gets thick in the bushes of the woods when you are caught next to the shitting bear.

At least he makes sure to wipe...

At least he makes sure to wipe…

But healing is not an option if you plan on living. If you get an open cut that require stitches, you don’t get a band aid. If you get a concussion, you don’t get up and play football the next play. If you break your spirit, you don’t get up and keep doing the same thing that broke you. You have to take some time and heal.

The healing usually begins when we talk to a professional. So many people are averse to talking to a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Many of us leave it in our own hands or the small palms of Sweet Baby Jesus. However, some things we have to take care of ourselves. And there are those things we need assistance. Nothing is EVER wrong with seeking that help.

We all deserve it.

We all deserve it.

This is not a post to bash. This is a post to say “you deserve the best out of life”. Now, if you are bellyaching, please cut it out and live your life. Get that therapist to help you manage it all. Get the help you need to live the life you deserve.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!


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