Umar Johnson, known by many as Baba Ifatunde, Dr. Umar Ifatunde, or King Koopa of the Conscious Movement, totally exposed himself through video. Arguing over some petty beef with Sara Suten Seti, Umar went into a 40 plus minute tirade. Meanwhile, he was supposed to be talking about black parenting and such. The black parenting topic matters not when Big Poppa Stay Woke is in his groove. And by groove, I am referring to Umar Johnson going on a tirade.

Bear in mind that this was no average tirade. This was one of those battle-rapper-disrespect-your-momma lyrical lambasting that Suge Knight would appreciate. Between calling Seti an “albino midget” with sexuality issues, fake answering his cell phone, and designating himself the “Prince of Pan Africanism”, Umar Johnson was on a roll. In fact, he was on such a roll that he didn’t even need butter or margarine.


Ironically, Johnson has noted that one of the problems with black people is that we haven’t had a “serious, sustained, protracted comprehensive movement for black elevation” before he transformed into David Bruce Banner’s bad side.

Let us be honest, though: most of us can’t take King Kong Consciousness seriously anymore after this. Others are nodding our collective heads and sipping tea at the revelation of our concerns coming to light.

It has finally set in that Dr. Umar Johnson is a motherfucking fraud.

Umar Johnson As Fradulent as a Three Dollar Bill

Now, can we stop following Umar Johnson like he is the second coming of Martin Luther Malcolm Little? It is very clear that under all of that 6’3” and 280 pounds is citrus flavored charlatan. Too many of his ideas do not come to fruition. Much of his beliefs are not based on solid, scientific evidence. Plus, he is an ass backwards misogynist that loves conscious strippers. Say it with me: Umar Johnson is not the man he makes himself out to be.


If you need bullet point proof to demonstrate what I am referring to, then I am going to give it to you.

Thus, there are way too many factors pointing at Dr. Umar Johnson just not being up to snuff. He says he is one thing when there is rarely evidence to prove it.

Umar Johnson Can Hang It Up


The shit show is over (for now). It is time for many of us to move on from Umar Johnson and keep living our lives. All of his egotistical commentary and self-masturbatory mentality has done him in. No one worth their salt need to make claims of being anything. A person’s legacy is determined by the people and what they feel. Umar Johnson may feel that he is King Kong Consciousness. However, King Kong is as fake as he is.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!