As I peruse around Facebook (half sleep from a long work week), I am introduced to a video by Tommy Sotomayor. Tommy is an Atlanta radio host known for his controversial views. So much, that Sotomayor is known as “Mr. Controversy”. Best believe that this is a man that makes enemies for his views. As such, Tommy Sotomayor has gained his popularity and infamy for voicing his honest feelings.

Then again, if these are his feelings then I need to reevaluate my understanding of Black women’s frustration with Black men.

(Mind you, this video is old as hell. However, if this is the type of stuff that some Black men think…)

There are so many things wrong with this video. I am going to take the time to point out at least some of them without bleeding blood from my eyes like a forlorn vampire off of True Blood.

1.) Any woman asking the question about Black men dating/marrying White women, as if they shouldn’t love/marry/fuck/deal with whomever they want to deal with, is out of their damned minds.

2.) Tommy Sotomayor sounds like he has either been done wrong by a Black woman or has a deep seeded hate for his own women. Keep it real: he called Black women shallow and small in their souls. Are women (or even men) supposed to take his views seriously when they aren’t even fair or accurate.

3.) He points out an instance in which a Black woman had sex with a Skinhead convict. Oh, and then they call Black women “stupid and soulless” for the act. That is fine. But, let me get down to this part: how are you going to single out a particular case and try to use it as an example for ALL Black women? We call that being stupid.

4.) Associating Black women/Black men issues with Black women having Stockholm’s Syndrome? Is he serious? How often do Black women actually DATE White men??? If you look at the rates, would it show that a Black man are more likely to date a White woman than a Black woman dating a White man? If Black women really desire White men THAT much, don’t you think Black women would be closing up shop on the interracial paradigm?

5.) There are instances in which a white woman said a Black man raped her. So, I take it that he has never heard of the Scottsboro Boys? The Jennifer Thompson/Ronald Cotton saga? The use of rape accusations against Black men as reasoning and motivation for lynchings? I see that someone doesn’t do their research.

6.) Why would Black women go to Africa to adopt a child when they can always adopt in the United States? I am just asking.

7.) Using famous Black men as examples of the dynamics between White women and Black men isn’t the best thing to do. Many of those situations are not comprised of situations in which regular people partake in. A lot of those situations were abnormally scandalous.

I could go on and on about this particular video. However, I just can’t really get into it. Black women do have some issues with Black men. Instead of solving issues, you have some Black men making drivel like this to exercise their opinions and arrogance. I swear that some of us need to get our lives in order. That and stop being bitter ass people.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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