Alright, you all. I know I can rub people the wrong way. I know that I can get on people’s nerves. Within all of that, I know that my approach can become an acquired taste. Thus, I know that there are times when I am probably overstepping the line.

At other instances, I just like being a habitual line stepper. But, I digress.

Oh, and fugg your couch.

Oh, and fugg your couch.

Yet, I know I keep having a hard time because we, as a society, are a trendy bunch of jock straps. All we do is ride the wave of “what is popular” without taking the time to think if the new trend is smart, appropriate, or worthwhile. Instead, we look for the “in thing” to follow with little thought or consideration. And, with automatic recognition, we will justify our actions to people will disagree. In short, too many of us are followers.

I guess this is why I insult people: I’m not a pure follower. People need to start working on their train of thought.

Chocolate covered lie: The things I believe and promote are actually worthwhile/have substance.

The Positive

Sometimes, trends are a great thing. You are allowed to experience something different/new that actually improves life. Also, some trends are constructed for the sake of convenience. Think about it: devices like laptops, smartphones, microwaves,  and other devices are worthwhile. In addition, the increase of “exercise programs”, warning labels for cigarettes, and other things related to health have been helpful. Thus, not all trends are silly or worthless.

The Big, Bad Negative

However, too many times there is a new wave of thinking/doing things that just doesn’t sit well with simple logic. I am going to run a few by you all and explain the issues:

1.)    The “No New Friends” ideology: I understand/respect the fact that many of us don’t like “letting squares into their circle”. I also understand that you should hold onto the friends that you have found along the way. But the ideology of “no new friends” promotes stagnation and ignorance. What type of growth will you experience unless you expand your horizons? How can you make moves/progress unless you find different friends in different areas? If you move from one town to another (out of state), you don’t think you will get new friends? If they are true friends, then you should work to have as many as possible. Peace to Drake.

Sing it, Kevin Hart!!!

Sing it, Kevin Hart!!!

2.)    The “There is no such thing as trying; you are doing it or you aren’t” mentality: a female that I know hipped me to this one. Yeah, I must admit: I thought it was the most thoughtless thing ever (at the moment). I know we live in a “success or else” society. I get that. But, a person’s efforts are never “black or white”. “Trying” does exist in every form. “Success” can sometimes be seen as an end goal. Just because you are “doing something” doesn’t increase the absence of “making the attempt to do it”. “Doing something” mean you “got it right”. That should not disqualify someone from “trying to get it right”. Get it? Good.

And I disagree, little green giant.

And I disagree, little green giant.

3.)    My Enemies are Your Enemies: Now, this is the mentality that has stood the test of time and maturity (obviously). You know you see it weekly when you watch shows like Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and other shows that display females acting like mere chicken heads fighting over bird seed. Too many people (especially females; you know it is true) that “if I don’t like someone, you shouldn’t either”. I don’t know how people can deal with that follower mentality for so long. However, I will put it like this: as a man I pick my own friends and pick my own enemies. It is one thing if that person did something dastardly/life threatening to you. However, if your disagreement is simple, then those two need to iron that foolishness out. I’m not a part of your problem. I won’t be someone instigating it, either.

Stop riding Pac's coattails and use your own brain.

Stop riding Pac’s coattails and use your own brain.

4.)    You Only Live Once (YOLO): Drake strikes again. Yeah, it was the motto. Yet, for so many simpletons it is still the motto. When left to its simplest terms, it is pretty cool. However, when taken to extremes it can be very dangerous. Just because one “lives once” doesn’t mean that a person should “do anything they want to do” for the sake of experience. I wouldn’t suggest smoking crack, doing heroin, or killing someone because “you only live once”. More than anything, you should value your life more because “live once, you only”.

Han Solo is the only one that should concern himself.

Han Solo is the only one that should concern himself.

The Skinny

Trends of thought are fine when they make sense. However, they are not good, smart, or healthy when they are not logically sound. With an understanding, trendy thinking tends to have an attention span shorter than leprechauns anyway. Whatever people think is going to last usually doesn’t. At the end of the day, people need to stop being “trendy” and start being “vintage” and “classic” in their thoughts.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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