It is THAT time of the year? No? Oh.

It is THAT time of the year? No? Oh.

The fall months recalls some of America’s (and probably the world’s) most favorite times of the year. For one, it means the beginning of football season in both college and the NFL. Also, it signifies the beginning of the weather becoming more “calm”. Oh, and for those like me, it means that it is getting closer and closer to Christmas. So, many people have different reasons to look forward to the autumn months.

However, there is a prominent preparation that tends to happen during these months. It relates to the ambiguity of “not wanting a relationship”, yet “actually wanting a relationship”. It expounds upon the internal loneliness that brings about external decisions and the desires that guide them. Eventually, many people make a decision based on the previous mentioned motivating factors. In turn, all of the preparation given in those fall months leads to one thing: cuffing season.

Oh, how I both love AND have a sense of “eye-rolling dissonance” for cuffing season. Chocolate covered lie: the fall season should be the season for “cuffing”.

Why It Makes Sense

cuffing season 2

Of course it should make sense that people should seek out a partner to “cuff” or “be cuffed by”. The martial law of love notes that those coming winter months are not for the lonely. It is not good to have that cold bed lack warmth on one side because we couldn’t attain a prisoner of our affection. As the winter months drag, the ball and chain of inclement weather should also contain a blanket and space heater of companionship and amorous feelings. So, yes, I understand the purpose of the “season of sensual shackles”.

Why It May Be Harmful

However, many of us make haste and haste makes waste. A person’s desire for company may lead to their institution of destruction. To put it plainly, many of us may make some rash decisions due to the fact that they are being led by their desires of lust and loneliness. Sure, it may be good to have that person that knows how to keep the nights lustful and your days sunny within the winter solstice. However, when the weather gets warm, should you expect a place of preservation or a prison riot? What if you figure out that this “prisoner of love” is nothing more than a “warden of war and worry”?

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That’s right: that person that is supposed to “hold you down” eventually “makes you drown”. No Kanye.

If you REALLY want to lock something down, you should have done it during the spring and summer months. Let me explain.

The spring and summer months allow you to date, enjoy the time you have together, and actually establish something (whether you are the relationship type or the more lasciviously layered). It gives you plenty of time to “know” and “understand” your lover/boo/date/new side piece. Instead of going in headfirst for something that won’t last, you can attain more. Or, if anything, you can find more than one. It is either or in this situation.

The Skinny

Cuffing season is that time period in which too many people search the ways for someone to be with in the colder times. However, even if I understand people’s personal needs, I still can’t get with the madness that surrounds it. People need to simplify their situation and start early. Or, they should be careful of the “drowners”. Instead of being help in love’s captivity, we can make sure the affection/attraction is fostered into more than something that lasts until spring.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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