Welcome to another episode of When Listening to a Rapper Goes Wrong!

On this episode, we have Lil Boosie in one of the better interviews that I have seen this year. He took the time to explain and answer the questions of host Peter Bailey. I would say that the vast majority of the interview is pretty moving and makes a lot of sense. So much that the part that does NOT make any sense will always bother me.

What part is that? Well, let me get to that part right after I put up the video (get to the 17:52 mark to hear the commentary I will highlight):

“I feel like African American is the worst race in the world because, first of all, we kill each other… People always talking about this racist stuff. The White man ain’t waiting in your bushes with a choppa. The White man ain’t trying to take the rims off your car. The White man ain’t…. we doin’ this to each other. So how can we say ‘Eff the White man’? He ain’t doin’ nothin’ but when we get in trouble. He doin’ his job. Guilty. He ain’t doing nothing wrong.” [1]

To the uninformed and the surface level skaters, Lil Boosie is going to make all the sense in the world. No, the “white man is not waiting in the bushes with a choppa”. And, of course, the white man isn’t stealing the rims off of your car. Also, we are doing this to each other. So, all of the surface level thinkers are going to eat this up like a McDonald’s value meal.

Lil Boosie’s Five Reasons of Misguidedness

The reoccurring problem with this commentary is that, just like the McDonald’s value meal, the shit is poison disguised as quality food through the use of media marketing, logos, and spokespeople. And Lil Boosie, as much as I have loved him and his music, is coming off as a rapper that needs to read more books and understand more facts.

Make no mistake about it: Lil Boosie made no sense with that one statement.

Make no mistake about it: Lil Boosie made no sense with that one statement.

In short, his commentary is T.R.A.S.H.: Terribly Reluctant in Assisting Sensible Honesty. Let me break down the five reasons that Lil Boosie was talking T.R.A.S.H. in his statement:

1.)    His basis for “worst race in the world” is weak: Well, it IS weak people. Let us be serious. If you could ever label a race in the world as “the worst”, then that would mean their issues are far reaching and a plague upon the world. I’m not really sure Black people can attest to that yet. I have not known Black people to rape, murder, and pillage any races to take over their land. Nor have I known Black people to install policies and cultural systems that negate the efforts of millions to rise above. So, that is that.

2.)    Black on Black crime is the most boring argument to have: only the simple minded go for “Black on Black crime” as a talking point. It lacks sophistication and actual knowledge that is worth anything. And here is why it is lacking: as I have mentioned before, crime is about proximity. Of course we won’t have a white man “waiting in the bushes with a choppa”. That same white man designed a system for us to do that. Meanwhile, there will be plenty of white people killing white people. Why? Because that is how it is. Black people don’t kill Black people because they are Black. Or did we not learn anything during our days of going to school?

3.)    Racism is still a prevalent issue, so let us act like it is: I’m not sure why people want to act as if racism is some situation we should ignore. Black people have tried “ignoring” racism for years. And then, it rears its ugly head. Hell, a good percentage of Black people think we live in a post racial society. That is until some cartoonist makes Obama look like a crazy Muslim or a monkey. If you can’t respect a U.S. president, who can you expect to respect?

4.)    Lil Boosie should be above playing “trap version of respectability politics”: Michael Arceneaux said it best in his article about the situation. He did not that Lil Boosie is playing the “trap version of respectability politics” [2]. You know the routine: if Black people do what they are supposed to do, then Black people will get ahead. I love personal responsibility. I will always be an advocate for it. However, there has to be a balance between that responsibility and knowing that there are forces out there placed for your downfall. Recognize the existence of both and act accordingly.

Images like this shall make is argument quite interesting.

Images like this shall make is argument quite interesting.

5.)    It is hard to argue with a contributor of negativity: Yep, I said it. The situations that he is lambasting have been highlighted in his music. As an (street rap) artist, he is actually a contributor to whatever negative situations he is talking about. Listen to his music and see. There are plenty of situations of positivity. Yet, there are plenty of negativity as well. Thus, I find it funny for him to speak out against things he backs.

Lil Boosie Epilogue

Lil Boosie is known for is raps. Sometimes, I wish artists would stick to their main occupation. Speaking your mind is fine. However, once a person opens their mouth there will be a chance something ignorant leaks out. This was one of those blissful moments of ignorance. Lil Boosie, I have a suggestion for you: read more books and understand more statistics.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!