Kweli drops a lot of knowledge on this track right here. Men and women ARE fundamentally different. However, too many times one sex tries to “think for the other”. Other times, we want to put each other in a little box, label it, and make it the truth for all. Most of the time, both of those situations fail. They fail due to the lack of understanding of two things: that everyone isn’t the same and some issues aren’t quite universal at all. In a nutshell, we fail each other because we never try to “understand” each other.
Oh, and I got this from a friend’s Facebook status. I hope she reads this.


Men- Is the following statement written by a man TRUE?! (this just made my stomach hurt)…. If it IS true I am really feeling some kind of way…

“A man will go after and may even marry his fantasy woman, his ideal woman, the woman that fits his family, fits his status, his spirit, his bed, his ego, reminds him of his mother, is the antithesis of his mother, but of course he will never find all of the above in just one woman — so he ‘settles” for a woman who matches most or some of those criteria, he marries her — and then he goes out and cheats, or continues to search for and desire a woman or women who meet those other criteria. He can be with his ideal woman in bed, and still he will fantasize about the woman he saw walking down the street that morning because in his mind she is the embodiment of his fantasy woman, or his status women, etc.”

Fellas, is this true?


Okay, screw any research on this one. Ladies and gentlemen: if you believe this garbage then I have farmland right under my left testicle to sell you.

Not my right testicle. My left testicle.

First of all, this passage bemoans total dissatisfaction with life as a whole. No one, in their right minds, function on the level of lack of satisfaction without being labeled a flake. You can’t go throughout life, male or female, looking for the “next best thing” at all given moments. Jumping from bedroom to bedroom, pair of panties to another pair of panties, kitchen to kitchen, just to fulfill some lame brain criteria is not the idea of someone that knows what they want out of life. To think that ALL men are like this should already restrain them under the labels of “bipolar”, “insane”, or just “dumb as a God-Damn box of rocks”.

He understands my pain and foolery. He is my buddy.

He understands my pain and foolery. He is my buddy.

Excuse me, Lord. I used your name in vain. But hell, all these people use ignorance in vein like intravenous. And let me see how many people get THAT pun.

Second of all, that entire passage goes against the mentality of a regular male. I have noted MANY times before that there are MANY reasons for a man to stray way. I have also noted that the number one reason in relationships is lack of satisfaction in the relationship. That satisfaction doesn’t have to do with the woman not possessing what he desires. It actually has to do with the woman either not communicating anymore or not giving him the physical sustenance he requires. In short, many issues that men may have in the relationship are actually fixable.


So where do we go with this? I don’t know. I do know this: some of these asswipes need to get a clue. This is why I used to ride Steve Harvey so much: he was making bank of lies, half-truths, and dummy stuff and passing it around like it was enlightenment. The only think that was enlightened was his ass by a flashlight. Practically, that is all that was shown: his rear. Now, more people are doing the same?


all men are the same

Word of advice from me: life isn’t always a circus. Therefore, watch the clowns that always give you advice.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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