“People still say that stuff?”

This was my first reaction when I witnessed one of my “twitter buddies” make a statement on her time line. Now mind you, this person is a part time model, full time woman of respect, and an all-around great human being. I’m not sure she was deserving of such a statement. I do know that she didn’t really like what was said. Then again, once I thought about it, I wouldn’t have liked it either.

This statement will automatically be filed as a chocolate covered lie: “You sure are pretty for a black girl”.

Obvious Issue

Anyone that doesn’t see a problem with this statement needs their heads examined. Making such statements insinuates the inferiority of black people. Pretty much, you are saying they are “automatically ugly”. If anyone was given the statement “You sure are ________ for a ___________”, that is always insinuating their inferiority. So, let us evaporate the confusion and understand that the statement is NOT a compliment.

Oh, and Satoshi Kanazawa? Screw you and your racist article. We haven’t forgotten.

This is the face of a man that wrote a hideous article to spread a smear campaign against women of color. He’s a sucker.

It is safe to say that black beauty isn’t considered “beautiful” because of Caucasian definitions and standards of what is considered “beautiful”. For so many years, white people have made “dark skin” equivalent to being “ugly”. During those times in the past (and sometimes the present), many black slaves were made to be less than human. From that point, you have the degradation of the African American’s physical features. Be forewarned: this mental programming was all the way intentional.

In present times, we are still dealing with its effects. Women “perming their hair” when a certain percentage don’t even need it to manage their follicles? Foulness. The color contact stuck in eyes that are already pretty? Interesting. Nose jobs by some of the more famous people in the public eye? Disgusting. Why destruct the beauty that God bestowed upon you?

Even sadder is the fact that many Caucasians, deep down, are in love with the strong and dominant features of people of African descent. Like Paul Mooney made abundantly clear “Everybody wants to be a n****, but they don’t want to be a n****”. The efficient tanning and bodily augmentation tells a pretty damning tale. The admiration and astonishment toward the stereotype of our attraction and sexuality is prevalent in media and literature. Please note: Kim Kardashian’s beauty isn’t admired for its Caucasoid qualities. We all know the truth: black beauty is stimulating a lot of media and monetary adoration.

Backyard bangin’ like a Benzi, huh? Leave her spotted like Spud McKenzie, huh?

So, I do find it strange that so many “on the outside” would want to dislike those that actually want to be like so badly that it’s ridiculous.

The Skinny

Let us, as a people in this world, lose the “you are pretty for a black girl” statement. Beauty is beauty. Plus, the people of the African diaspora will always have a defining say and stature in what makes people across the planet beautiful. Realize that, if it wasn’t for Black people, your definition of beauty wouldn’t even mean as much. Let us stop denying what is real and accept that God didn’t make any mistakes when it was assured that Black people’s features came out the way they came out.

And yes, there is a part 2. There is more I need to cover with this issue.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!