(Note: this is not a knock against all Black women. This is just a response to a video that bothered me. Please enjoy.)

Apparently, Black women have an image problem.

I was watching a video entitled “Should Black Women Care About Their Image?” created by the “queen of swirling” Christelyn Karazin. While I know that she “means well” (depending on who you are), there are just way too many problems with what she is saying and implying. Before I even get into this blog post, I know there are going to be those that think I am being “nitpicky”, “sexist”, or just plain “mansplaining” (the latter word I really hate). However, with given understanding, you will understand my point (whether you agree or not is up to you).

Then again, I did make reference to one of her articles in a previous blog. Karazin is a handful.

So, without further ado, here are the issues that I have with this video:

1.)    Sometimes, success is highly individualistic: she talks about all of this “If I’m successful, and then you will be successful”. This is some high time presumptuous, we-are-the-world type of thinking. Someone’s own personal success will not always contribute to the success of others. There are PLENTY of successful African American women that don’t have image issues. Yet, there are plenty of women that don’t have it together. With her type of “connectivity of success” thinking, there shouldn’t be any issues.

There is no “trickle-down effect” happening here. No Reaganomics to be seen.

2.)    Too much of her concerns relate to the external and not the internal: I know what I mentioned may cause some confusion. However, Karazin focuses too much effort and explanation on how we look TO OTHER PEOPLE. Having an “image problem” tends to be a concern for how others look at something. The problem with that type of thinking is that you, as a person, began to worry about changing the opinions of those that are dead set of thinking what they want to think regardless of anything proving otherwise.  Which leads to the next issue…

3.)    Black women being seen as masculine: Now THIS is the biggest idea that caused a lot of confusion. What is she talking about when it comes to “Black women being perceived as masculine”? Who is she referring to? Women that dress like men? Those women may be lesbian (not trying to be funny). I have no clue as to what “masculine” women she is referring to. Cause not being pleasant isn’t always a manly trait. Being aggressive isn’t always a manly trait, either. So, again, I have no clue what she is talking about.

4.)    The mentioning of Asian women winning the online dating game:  I know she wants Black women to learn from Asian women and how they have “progressed” (or whatever the hell you want to call it). I’m just wondering: when did online dating become the dating world’s panacea? While online marriages actually tend to have better divorce rates, it is too early to truly make a definitive decision about everything [1]. Taking cues from other races is always good. But you have to be aware of the purpose of those cues.

From what I gather, Karazin had plenty to say for the image of Black women. However, I’m not sure she was speaking to take advantage or to actually help others. Some of her suggestions were either questionable or easily “off sounding”. I actually had hope that Christelyn Karazin was going to say something substantial. As usual, she dropped the ball.

Ladies: I hope you don’t follow this advice as something really worthwhile. It isn’t worth the time unless you are just bitter. Then, by all means, follow every word Christelyn Karazin says. She has more answers than Sway in a Kanye interview.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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