I know, I know: Mr. MFN eXquire is an acquired taste. However, he is relating some real truth as he waxes poetic. He communicates the issue of “chains” as the bondage that many people live within. Some of those “chains” are personal while others are interpersonal. What does remain that many people live with proverbial “chains” holding them down and resisting their ability to live happy lives.


I have been having a lot of anxiety around my relationship and I am having difficulty determining if I am causing it myself or if there is some basis to it.

It is a fairly new relationship, but we became very serious pretty quickly. Prior to our relationship he had very recently gotten out of a long term relationship that ended badly (about a month before we met). A few weeks ago, out of nowhere he brought up a conversation about thinking that maybe he shouldn’t be in a relationship because he still got really angry about what his ex-girlfriend did. He felt it wasn’t fair to put me through that. We talked for a while about it and decided to stay together because we love each other and we would work through it together. But now I feel like I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Thus, I am wondering: how do I approach it? I think we could have a really great future. Yet, I still wonder how can I help him move through this?


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He obviously has more issues than a Jet magazine subscription. Luckily, he recognizes this and doesn’t want to take you through all of the drama. I know that it seems he is being selfish. In fact he is. However, he can’t do anything for you when he still have these “chains” holding him back. So, in order to be free with you, he must unshackle himself from the slavery of the past failed relationship.

You got me yet? Good.

You don't have to be Kal-El to break those chains....

You don’t have to be Kal-El to break those chains….

Sometimes, men take a headstrong approach when they have issues to work out. With men, they try to make sure they don’t have any of that foolishness coming up because they don’t want to paint their present with the tainted paint of the past. You aren’t tripping. He is quite uncertain. It is him. It isn’t exactly you unless you did something.

The main thing you can do is this: just be there for him.

Degrasse Tyson will show you all what freedom looks like!

Degrasse Tyson will show you all what freedom looks like!

HE has to come to terms with what he has. He also has to come to terms with his past. That past that is holding him back is the same present that is hampering his love for you. Once he breaks those chains and toss them in the bonfire of life, then he can get back focused on loving you. And when he can love you with all that he has, you won’t ever have to worry about any of you two ever being enslaved by the chains of an unchanging past.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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