Well, Steve Harvey has found a way to get people (not me this time) upset with him again. Recently, Harvey met up with Trump to talk about concerns within the black community. Mind you, Barack Obama asked him to meet with Trump for whatever reason. Also, we must understand that Steve Harvey has the free reign to talk to the upcoming president elect if he so chooses. Still, many people got their underwear in a bunch about the situation.

Can I blame them? No, I cannot.

The thing that throws people off is that Trump rode a despicable bus to achieve this position. He appealed to everything that was wrong about America: the racist, the fascist, the sexist, and the elitist. And Trump rode that bus all the way into the White House. Never mind that there was possible Russian interference within the election. At the end of the day, Trump won because he built a platform to appeal to every despicable attribute that influences American society.

However, am I supposed to be upset at Steve Harvey for meeting with Trump despite his previous feelings of the man? Personally, I cannot.

And I’m not upset because, at the end of the day, business is business.

Steve Harvey Is A Brand

Don’t get things misconstrued: I don’t really care for any of this “meeting with the masses” mess that is happening. It seems that Trump keeps meeting with people that aren’t in the center of the community. Rather, he is either speaking with the rich, famous, or media relevant. All his recent picks for office have been CEO types that are more business focused than anything. Therefore, this meeting is going to bring up the side eye from quite a few people.

Nevertheless, let us understand this: Steve Harvey is here to do what is best for Steve Harvey and his family. This isn’t totally about the progress of black people as it is about Steve establishing himself to benefit from a president. And there is a possibility that Trump may make some great things happen. But, do we really think that Harvey would pass up an opportunity to push himself and his aspirations forward? This is just an example of an opportunist taking advantage of an opportunity.

Plus, we already know Steve doesn’t care about being politically correct in his decisions. Peace to Paula Deen.

Steve Harvey The Business King

As the world turns, Steve Harvey has business to handle. He has shows to host and products to move. While he may still think Trump is untrustworthy, he is not going to pass up any opportunity to progress his own situation whether black people truly benefit or not. Steve Harvey is a man. More than anything, Steve Harvey is a brand.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!