There are days when I wish Stephen A. Smith stuck to sports and sports only.

In recent history, he was interviewed by  Dontae’s Boxing Nation. They asked him about being compared to Shannon Sharpe and whether he agreed about Sharpe’s stance on white involvement with black issues. Here is where the situation got interesting:

“…and remember, during the Civil Rights Era, we would have never propelled ourselves to the heights we propelled ourselves if it were not for the assistance of white folks. Some conscientious white folks along the way. But, in order to spark them to do that, we have to be careful about crying “racism” every chance that we get. Because when we mention the word racism, and we mention white people, they think we are talking about all of them; not that we are talking about some of them. We need to highlight intelligently that it is some and the way you act and not all.

We gotta make sure we do better. If you bark in someone’s face and tell them they ain’t shit, then how incentivized to do you think that would make them to help you? It’s just common sense.”

And I will give Stephen A. Smith: he made a lot of sense. He is right when it comes to making sure your audience hears you. We, as a people, must make sure that we are heard.

Still, Stephen A Smith is tap dancing for White America. And many of you may wonder how. Give me a chance to break that down for you.

Stephen A. Smith Is Going the Respectable Route

Before anyone feels that I am hating on Stephen A., let it be noted that a lot of what he said was on point. I can get with the HOW we present our message. I do know that many people will tune you out if you aren’t taking an approach that appeals to them. We all know the saying “you attract more bees with honey than vinegar”. That is basically what Stephen A. is getting at.

However, what he doesn’t understand is that the days of respectability are ending. He doesn’t realize that most of the people that have something to say aren’t seeking anything from White America anymore. For years, we have tried to take the “respectable” route for everything. And it hasn’t gotten us much. In fact, us being respectable has sheltered White America from taking on any responsibility.

Many black people have worked hard under the “American Dream”.

Many black people have worked to be respectable.

Many black people have tempered their emotions to not offend.

Many black people have taken on becoming more educated and scholarly than their predecessors.

Many black men pull their pants up.

Many black people don’t kill each other.

And yet, here we are. Pledging. Pleading. Protesting. Demanding. These actions for something that we have earned a long time ago? And the best thing that Stephen A. Smith offers is that we need to make sure we don’t offend white people?

I’m not going for it.

Black folks have played the game. We haven’t gotten our fair share. So, it is time for us to take a different approach.

Stephen A. Smith Can Keep Tap Dancing

I have nothing against Stephen A. Smith or anyone that agrees with him. He has some strong points when it comes to “knowing how to talk to people”. What he doesn’t realize is that black people are past being sensitive to white feelings. Those days are over. People are either going to get with it, be against it, or stand on the side. What is not going to be a priority is black people working hard to not cause white tears.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!