I got the opportunity to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I had an excellent time! Although the storyline was convoluted by too much going on, the acting was pretty superb. It added necessary elements of love, family, revelations, and redemption. Plus, we get to see Spiderman be pushed to the edge of sanity. I must say that this is a good film.

However, I noticed something that was intrinsically “human” about the film. I am not talking about all the elements that I named in the preceding paragraph. Nor am I talking about the fact that emotions were on full display. I am talking about “frailties” and “weaknesses” that are given yet never expounded upon. In summarization, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gave me great examples of an “American pastime”: mental health issues.

You know I was going to go there: Peter Parker has some mental issues to deal with. Hell, a lot of the protagonists had mental issues as well.

Spider-Man Suffers from PTSD?

Spider-Man 4

There is something to be said when Peter Parker is seeing more dead people than Haley Joel Osment.

Spider-Man 5

On a more serious note, Peter Parker is having some issues with the trauma that he has been through. Matthew Tull, PhD talked about “positive symptoms” of PTSD:

Positive symptoms are characterized by the presence of unusual feelings, thoughts, or behaviors. Positive symptoms include such experiences as hallucinations or delusions. A hallucination could be hearing voices that no one else can hear, or seeing things that are not really there. Delusions are ideas that a person believes are true despite the fact that they may be unlikely or odd. For example, people with delusions may believe that the CIA is spying on them, or that aliens are controlling their behaviors or thoughts. [1]

You see, Peter Parker was never really “out of reality”, so the experience could not be “negative”. When Spider-Man was playing superhero, the presence of Gwen Stacy’s father (George Stacy) would come right around [2]. The least that could be said is Peter Parker/Spider-Man did suffer from PTSD promoted hallucinations.

Electro Suffers From Attachment Disorder

Spider-Man 3

Electro (Max Dillon) got no love in life. That lack of love led to the high possibility of him having an attachment disorder.  Attachment disorder is a broad term intended to describe disorders of mood, behavior, and social relationships arising from a failure to form normal attachments to primary care giving figures in early childhood [3]. My man Electro? He probably got no love as a kid, teen, AND adult. This situation results in problematic social expectations and behaviors (his obsessions with people that give him positive affirmation) [4]. Therefore, Electro sought love due to a lack of it.

Harry Osborn and his Abandonment Issues

Spider-Man 2

Oh, Harry Osborn. I do pity thee.

He has to be the prince of abandonment issues. Think about it: his father ditched him, he thought Peter Parker betrayed him, and he is the biggest rich-guy-loner in the Marvel Universe (well, one of them). It explains Harry’s disposition when it comes to relationships and letting people in [5]. It all makes sense when you watch the movie. Harry Osborn has a hard time connecting with people because he is used to them leaving him.

When he thought Peter Parker betrayed him, he flipped.

When the company official ditched him, he plotted the ultimate revenge.

When he found out Peter Parker was the Spider-Man, he tried to hurt him deep.

Harry Osborn has abandonment issues. Period.

The Summary of the Spider-Man

Looking at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as a movie, it was good. Looking at the movie as a character study and it was pretty intricate. It is safe to say that disaster may strike when you have all those mental issues clashing. Given an understanding on mental health, one should never be surprised about the outcomes in these situations. In the end, it may be best that a person with so much power should also be mentally balanced.

Then again, it is comic books. You would expect them to be a little off in the head.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!


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