Solange Knowles tried to beat the living crap out of Jay Z. Man, what gives?

If you are reading the above statement, then you are in as much shock as I was. What was shocking was that there was very little understanding as to WHY she spazzed out on the “God MC”. Trust me: seeing a woman (especially one of African American descent) go bonkers on a man she considers to be a direct descendant of Caesar from the Planet of the Apes is no shock. I am still looking for the motivation of it all. I just find it hard to believe that this was a random act.

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Solange Knowles vs. Jay Z: The Causes

Looking back at the footage, it seemed that Jay Z did something highly erroneous and disrespectful to set her off. The average human being is not going to flash that much innate aggression unless there was a stimulus. Thinking about this situation in formal attire makes it even more intriguing. At some point, somebody had to realize that Solange was within her emotions in a formal dress. The craziest thing is that they got off the elevator like nothing had happened. This is why I wonder about what Jay Z did prior.

Solange vs Jay Z 5

If Jay Z did nothing to spark this situation, then Solange would have to be completely bonkers. There are no other alternatives.

Solange Knowles vs. Jay Z: Beyonce’ and the Robotic Responses

What really sent some mixed signals was how Beyonce’ reacted. In all actuality, her reaction was lacking. She really did very little to break up the situation. She did not try to calm her sister down. She really did not do too much to keep her man from being knocked out like Mitch Blood Green during the 80’s. In short, all she did was bear witness.

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Many people will give kudos to Jay Z for keeping his wits. The most he tried to do was keep Solange from really kicking his ass. I know that situation had to be difficult. However, if Jay Z would have struck her, that would not have been the last of this situation. Jay Z gracefully bowed out of a situation that was already shockingly horrible.

Still, I am trying to find out what happened to set Solange off. Is anyone going to tell me anytime soon?

Solange vs Jay Z 3

While I wonder about Solange’s ability to ward off being overtaken by her aggression, I have to go back to Beyonce. Was Beyonce shell shocked by the entire situation? Did Jay Z actually do something that warranted Solange trying to give him the 10 piece special with extra mild sauce (i.e. that ass whooping)? Or is Beyonce nothing more than a well recited, well scripted Stepford Wife that knows her place in her marriage? In reality, I am not sure who to question more: Solange, Jay Z, or Beyonce.

Solange Knowles vs. Jay Z: Flawless Victory

Thus, there are three things to question/wonder about as I depart:

1.)    Does this situation complicate Solange’s babysitting duties any time soon?

2.)    Did Skynet and Cyberdyne improve on the Beyoncé Model 2013 so it would be less of a 1960 model?

3.)    What did King Camel Jay Z do to piss that woman off?

4.) How did Kanye manage to be smart enough not to get caught up into situations like this? Oh, I have an answer:

Solange vs Jay Z 4

Until then…

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!

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