Coon (n.) derogatory term used for a black person.

I cram to understand those like Sheriff David Clarke. It seems like Mr. Milwaukee would actually take the high road on issues with police brutality. Yet, he takes the road less traveled: the path of a policeman that wants to stick it to regular citizens. As expected, he is a Fox News favorite. I guess it doesn’t matter that I get it because many others love him.

And it seems that this love is going to generate external hate real soon.

Here is where it starts: did you know Sheriff David Clarke had a solution for all constable related ills? Well, if you looked at Stacy Dash’s Patheos website, he has a tee shirt he wanted all BLM (Black Lives Matter) protesters to wear. With a crispy white tee, the words “Don’t Resist Arrest” ran across the front in black letters. In all its ironic color schemes, Clarke even offered the shirt to protesters for free.

Outside of Clarke’s generosity marks the issue with police brutality dialogue: the notion that victims bring it upon themselves. Whether its Eric Garner or Michael Brown, the sentiments are the same. Compliance is the word for keeping Black people alive. If we do what we are supposed to do, then we won’t be harmed. Clarke has it all figured out: Black people need to play by the rules like good boys and girls.

Sheriff David Clarke and His Problematic Thinking

Therein lies the problem: playing by the rules doesn’t always lead to survival. Michael Brown was shot with his hands up. Amadou Diallo was greeted with 41 bullets (19 connecting) while he had his hands up holding his wallet for identification. Derrick Price was beaten viciously all the while he screamed that he wasn’t resisting arrest. So, I would love for Clarke to explain why these men were harmed.

Yet, I doubt that Sheriff David Clarke will explain anything.

Sheriff David Clarke Keeps It Unreal

You see, Clarke will never understand because he breathes respectability politics and eats cognitive dissonance. He has passed the buck more than Milwaukee point guards. And like those point guards, he isn’t the best at it. In contrast to his competition, Clarke has rarely wavered from putting Black folks in their place. It is his job, by profession, to police people. Still, it should be odd to see such policing come with little regard to policing oneself.

With all that was mentioned earlier, we must realize what Sheriff David Clarke is: a coon.

What makes Clarke such a disparaging Black man is his utter refusal to take accountability? He’s a sheriff making such grand statements that is pro-brutality and anti-responsibility. However, he has no reason to change due to conservative support and Fox News sponsorship. At this point, how can some police step up and claim the blame when you have a sheriff that promotes absconding it?

Why would any (Black) citizen trust him (or any other officer) to have their best interests at heart?

So, Sheriff David Clarke: stand up before your people far and why. You, sir, are in nominations for Coon of the Year. Hold fast, though. There will be other Black people to say something derogatory and unrealistically stupid. We still have 8 more months in the year. Someone will compete for your nomination to win the title.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!