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I don’t know about you, but I do tend to enjoy the occasional sexual stereotype. Personally, I find the comedic value to be almost colossal. Also, the lack of truth that some stereotypes possess have always makes me cover my face with a smirk. Plus, I’m a black male: some of our sexual stereotypes are in my favor. Thus, the sexual stereotypes are always of fun for me.

Well, that still is the case mostly.

Those stereotypes of black male sexuality came to a questionable screech. An article of recent history came about speaking on Lil Wayne and his proficiency for pleasing his women orally. The author even suggested that he could probably be the catalyst of more young men trying oral sex. I read it and thought that the article was maddeningly off. Even worst, the article suggested that black men are opposed to oral sex. In short, I was indiscreetly exposed to a stereotype that I knew wasn’t even accurate.

Yet, I know people that think that black men’s aversion to oral sex is “the status quo”.

I think they need to figure out what “status quo” means before they start talking out of the side of their necks.

The chocolate covered lie? Here it is: Black men do not perform cunnilingus.

The Stereotypical Problem

The problem with this stereotype is that many people base it off of inconsistent findings. The author wanted to note different hip hop artists as being overly influential to African American sexual culture [1]. I know that this is all well and good. However, if one is going to be consistent with the measurement of sexual influence they would have to also honor those songs that were pro oral sex (Put It In Your Mouth by Akinyele and even Don’t Wanna Be A Player by Big Pun). Also, naming Lil Wayne as a sexual influence would fully depend on whether his biggest sexual hits (Lollipop, for one) are even fully understood by the “influenced audience” [2]. Thus, to include the power of hip hop into the sexual psyche of African American males would mean measuring ALL influential songs and songwriting.

The Opinions and Facts

Funny thing is this: your answer to the question “What do black men in America really think about giving oral sex to wife??” would yield some varying results. Looking at an site for the question, one would notice that a lot of people are either saying “black men do” or “black men don’t” [3]. I did not notice any resounding “Black men don’t give oral sex”. Another aspect I noted is that plenty of the women didn’t even agree with the stereotype [4]. Thus, there is a given chance that this stereotype isn’t really a good one.
I know that others would disagree by saying “the amount of participants is too small to make any case of worthwhile variance”. That’s fine. I’ll just find some research, then.

Sacrilegious? Yes. Accurate? Even more.

Looking at the research, it wouldn’t even be safe to say that African American men don’t perform oral sex. A National Health Statistics Reports of sexual behavior noted that 21.4 percent of Black men from 15 to 19 years of age performed oral sex; in stark contrast, 59.8 percent of Black men ages 21-24 performed oral sex [5]. These numbers are in high contrast to the “popular belief” that Black men don’t perform oral sex. What is even more notable is that the numbers for Black men were less than both Hispanics (34.4 and 70.6 percent) and Whites (40.7 and 73.9 percent) [6]. In short, Black men actually perform oral sex; we just don’t do it as much as Whites and Hispanics.

The Skinny

Let’s face it: there is a bigger chance that your man performs oral sex. One shouldn’t listen to every rap song and thing that all men follow some entertainer’s “code of manhood”. Furthermore, it is quite difficult to gauge teenage sexual behavior through music because the numbers show that the proximity of oral sex increases once one gets older. People can say that black men don’t try cunnilingus. Realistically, Black men just have to grow into their sexuality like all other men.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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