Serena Williams tends to keep herself in the limelight for all the right reasons. Usually, she is winning some type of tennis tournament. When she is not winning, she is either endorsing a product or showing off her well-toned body. Whatever it is she may be doing, she is always grabbing attention. Surely, Serena makes the most of every moment that she has with the media.

This past weekend, she caught the attention of the media once more. No, it wasn’t for tennis (she was bounced out early in her most recent tournament). Nor was it for any product placements or philanthropy. Serena was actually doing something quite unexpected. In fact, Serena did something that would actually make plenty of people frown (or smile, depending on how you looked at the situation).

Serena Williams: Professional Wedding Crasher

Serena Williams found the time to crash a wedding. Not only that, she crashed this wedding looking like a hot piece of beach ready ass. And no, I am not trying to be sexist or objectify her bodily dimensions. What I am doing is stating how she looked. She looked beach ready and it shows.

Wedding crasher!! Congrats!

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Bikini wedding crasher!

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Serena Williams & Caroline Wozniacki Enjoy The Beach In Miami

If you think I am the only one that is impressed by her antics, then you need to read what Huffington Post had to say as well:

Williams hit the beach with fellow tennis star Caroline Wozniacki in Miami, Florida, on Saturday, May 31, according to USA Today. While hanging out, the two stumbled upon a beachside wedding and Williams not only crashed the nuptials, but she did it while wearing a leopard-print swimsuit.

Guests were taking photos of the 32-year-old, and the happy couple seemed to be thrilled to have her there.

Wedding crasher!! Congrats!” she wrote alongside an Instagram photo with the smiling bride and groom [1]

Serena Williams: The Learning Moment

With all that is given, let us point out some things “to grow on from this”:

1.)    She got away with this because of her celebrity status: Word on the street is that the bride and groom asked for her to take pictures. If that is the case, then there isn’t much to be said outside of “being a celebrity has its privileges”.

2.)    Where is Caroline Wozniacki in all these pictures?: Where is the buddy in all this? Bet you your bottom dollar that they didn’t want any pictures of her next to Serena. Then again, you compare Serena to Caroline is like comparing the “burger in the commercial” to the “burger in real life”.

This photo is the used with permission from Brand Emm.

This photo is the used with permission from Brand Emm.

3.)    The bride had to be cool with this “crashing”: No bride wants to be upstaged at their wedding. However, obviously the vows had been exchanged. So, I guess it was time to soak in some celebrity sunshine? Who knows.

4.)    It took the will of Samson for the groom to keep his composure: Your average Black man would have either looked at her ass, tried to touch her ass, or complimented her on her ass. Sexist? Maybe. Real? Absolutely. Plus, she is in a one piece bikini. It is made for swimming and looking sexy. So, it is what it is.

Serena Williams Wedding Crash

This photo is used with the permission of Brand Emm.

Temptation loomed....

Temptation loomed….

Fantasy burger vs. Real Burger...

Fantasy burger vs. Real Burger…


Glad he showed some restraint, though. This is proof that his marriage just may be successful.

5.)    All in all, everyone had a ball: At the end of the day, that is all that matters. People may call Serena Williams an attention whore. Others can say that she is an opportunist. However, those people did not mind her crashing. Hell, they wanted it. So, she obliged them. You cannot be mad at that.

Now, you have a couple that found 15 minutes of fame for being at the right place at the right time. Cannot get mad at that.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!


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