Rumors, rumors, and more rumors.

It seems as if people want to talk about OTHER PEOPLE more than they want to be about their own business. I have noticed too many instances of women and men being highly intrusive and messy. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it is unhappiness with relationships. Maybe it is the lack of money/career satisfaction. Maybe Elohim skipped out on blessing them when he had a long line to receive equitable benedictions. Regardless, there has been too much focus on “the outside” and not enough focus on the “inside”.

Personally, I think that it needs to end. But will it ever?


What is up with all these people that can’t mind their business? They keep up more mess than a little bit. Yet, they wonder why people at my job have trust issues as is. I’m always with the males. Yet the females are even complaining about that? Why can’t some people just get it together and live their own lives?


Well, I feel that they can’t mind their business because they are miserable. Misery does enjoy the accompaniment of other unstable people. But that is mainly personal opinion.


What people don’t realize is that rumors are started for the simplest of reasons. In the work environment, one of the main reasons for rumors is people having a desire to know/understand their surroundings [1]. Instead of making sure they get the right information, some people make guesses/create theories to get their minds going. Even after that, they make sure they fill in the holes of their assumptions and “try” to make sense of what may/may not be happening [2]. With added ground work and confusion, a rumor usually starts due to nosey people’s desire “to know”.

Then, there are the “other reasons”. Many people’s lives lack the excitement that is necessary to keep them engaged [3]. Basically, they need a hobby; instead of finding something construct they create the destructive. Meanwhile, others have issues with jealousy because their lives lack a lot of thrill [4]. So, don’t be surprised if one notices a lot of insular reasoning behind the rumor mill.



The rumor mill can be avoided, however. For one thing, people need to remain at least slightly “transparent”. These nosey people probably feel left out of the loop or want to know everything. Another method of controlling issues is talk about oneself so there won’t be any questions. Plus, communication is always a key aspect. With an increase in communication and decrease in mystery, there is a chance that the rumor mill will pass one’s name.

In the end, the rumor mill is just a bunch of people relating business that many of them aren’t even sure truly exists. With speculation of a situation, there is only added grief when emotions (jealousy, envy, hatred, ect.) get into the situation. However, if people become transparent and communicate regularly there will be fewer problems. In short, the only mill that one should care about is one that produces those Kevin Durant Nikes.

kevin durant shoes

What can I say? I want a pair.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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