It’s time to keep it real: there are times when I cringe at the phrase “chivalry is dead”. Sure, there are plenty of men where this assumption applies. They wouldn’t hold the door for Jesus himself. However, there is more to it than the lack of application. You see, there is another issue with chivalry: its overuse.

Yes, people. It exists.

There is such a thing as “the overuse of chivalry”. There are times in which being “too chivalrous” can cause problems. Eventually, a man will transform themselves into a living and breathing doormat. With being a doormat, a man cannot be taken seriously. In short, too much sweetness sours a situation.

If you don’t believe me, pour a bag of Sour Patch Kids into your mouth and watch your lips pucker. See? Now you get the analogy.

relationships simp commandments

In urban landscapes, a “living doormat” is equal to being a “simp”. Shockingly, there is a man out there that took being a “simp” to new levels. A man by the name of Bobby Juice Johnson came up with a comprehensive list of “commandments” that men should do to keep their wives/significant others happy. Actually, he said “if I got into a relationship”. Looking at the list, he doesn’t plan on having any type of healthy relationship for himself.

Relationships and Male Simping

Here is the thing about this list of “commandments”: it had nothing to do with having a healthy relationship. The majority of the list has to do with taking care of a female financially. One commandment has to do with giving consistent oral sex. Then, there is the commandment of giving praise to her mother on a consistent basis? After the commandment dealing with taking care of a child that isn’t his own and telling her he loves her twice a day, we are finished.

So, there is a list of ten things that become totally irrelevant to actually LOVING her or being able to function with her. It almost looks like he wants to “own” her (depending upon perspective).

relationships simping 1

Where is the mentioning of being able to work together for future goals? I see no mention of learning how to love her as a woman? Hell, I don’t even see the carnal exploration of her sexual desires to be better than any incarnation of Christian Grey mixed with Michael Lane. I don’t see anything about “growing together” as a couple. I am remiss to say that I see nothing that has to do with real relationship building.

But, I am enamored to notice that he can spend his money on her wants, bills, and unnecessary materialism while he praises her mom for giving birth to her and eats her pussy on command. He covered THOSE bases very well.

But those bases won’t even give him a home run. He probably wouldn’t score.

Relationships are Not Expressions of Simping

Through it all, a man can’t be a simp if he expects a relationship. Catering to a woman in the way this list mentions is not going to garner any respect. Also, there is no work in relationship maintenance and actually love. Plus, none of the aforementioned necessities will arrive if you have a list that is mostly about money spending with a dash of praise and sexual favors. In the end, this women will not make a woman love a man because she won’t see him as one.

She will probably allow all this to happen while she gets real manliness from his best friend, though. Don’t sleep.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!