Ray Rice’s career is virtually over.

In all honesty, Ray Rice practically got caught up in his own craziness. It all started with the infamous “hit his woman in the elevator” incident that caused quite a stir. This led to a circus of conferences, quick weddings, and Stephen A. Smith getting suspended for being honest. Yet, that was not the end of this situation. Ray Rice’s case was never going to see a finality due to what happened.

And then, the full blown video of what happened leaked.

It Was Over For Ray Rice

And just like that, I knew Ray Rice’s days hours were numbered. After seeing the video, the reaction was swift. Although the league didn’t respond as fast as some retailers, they still responded. The league probably had to make sure they crossed all their “t’s” and dotted their “I’s” before they made a move. Eventually, that move evolved into giving Ray Rice the boot.

Personally, I don’t care about whether or not the NFL knew about the tapes before they leaked. I don’t care about the Ravens lacking a moral compass until the situation became unavoidable. What truly matters is that the video got out and action had to be taken.

Why the NFL/Ravens Had To Do Away with Ray Rice

1.)    Public opinion was not in favor of Ray Rice: people were not going to let this die if he stayed in the league. After watching the video, all of the hell that broke loose in that elevator was seen worldwide. Players, newscasters, and even the White House had no love for Ray Rice. As soon as the video came out, the end was nigh.

2.)    When public opinion goes, the money tends to do the same: holding onto Ray Rice would be bad for business at this point. With retailers taking his jerseys out of stores, it would only be a matter of time before his position on the Ravens had to be terminated. That time came and came swiftly. The public outcry became too much for the NFL, and the Ravens, to deal with.

You tried to kill more than that, little buddy.

You tried to kill more than that, little buddy.

3.)    Ray Rice was to be made an example out of: the NFL had recently taken on strict sanctions against domestic violence issues. But there is a difference between domestic violence accusations and bearing witness to how it went down. There is no way of spinning the situation to avoid the abuse Ray Rice demonstrated on the video. The NFL could have tried to protect Ray Rice and even “turn a blind eye”. But, Ray Rice’s video eliminated any chance for him. The NFL had to act swiftly.

4.)    There was no way to justify having Ray Rice on the Ravens roster: what was to be said? “Oh, he is such a gentleman”? Having him on the team became a liability by the way of loss profit and PR nightmares. The NFL couldn’t play around with the situation any more. The Ravens had to let the situation be what it was without their involvement.

ray rice 3

5.)    Ray Rice was guilty as hell: after seeing the video quite a few times, it is quite apparent that Ray had every intention of hitting her in the first place. And the way he did it earned him no fans or favors. He hit his woman like she was a grown ass man. His reaction has me wondering whether or not he is on that “Bill Romanowski Diet” like the rest of the Balco Boys. Regardless, after seeing that video, Baltimore/ the NFL had to play clean up.

Ray Rice is gone, people. There isn’t much bringing him back. He will probably be ostracized for what he has done. This isn’t Mike Vick dealing with dogs. This is a grown man playing the role of woman beater.

Let Ray Rice’s career go like Inspector Gadget messages: let it self-destruct.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!