When I got to witness Barack Obama winning his presidency for a second term, I became excited. No, Obama is not a perfect president. Nor did I vote for him due to the color of his skin. If that be the case, then we should have Al Sharpton running for the White House. Instead, I chose him for his ability to be a leader by action and example. There is no doubt as to why Obama was chosen again: he is (mostly) for the people.

Yet, things have not been smooth for the man known as “2Termz” (too early for jokes?). Many disparaging remarks have been made about such a man that works to instill, and represent, familial values over the counter-culture of controversy. Obama has either been an Un-American, a Muslim, or a monkey. And those terms are putting it lightly. As soon as he was reelected, a tidal wave of racism commentary came from many YOUNG people. In short, there are some that just don’t want to “bet on black”.

Chocolate covered lie? Well, it’s something that many need to realize will never be true: we live in a post-racial America.

Remedy of Redundancy

Of course, I know you have heard the arguments against post-racial America before. Heck, I highlighted many of them in my past blog [1]. People want to believe that “racial harmony” is something that exists. Yet, when people have aspirations to “see how your soul tastes like chocolate”, it is hard to feel this way [2]. So, there are those that have already reiterated what I am going to talk about.

But, There is More

Regardless of previous facts and opinions, I am still compelled to give my take on the matter.
For one, Obama has been receiving his fair share of racism from the media. How can people actually take the US seriously when your own media works hard to make him look less than human [3]? Yet, there are those that find this to be “okay”. Hell, there are even movies about Obama that have hints of racism reeking through them [4]. Can we really expect a post-racial America when your own president deals with racial hatred?

No, you cannot.

Oh, and did you all know that feelings of racism has INCREASED since Obama has been elected?

America: you will always be racist. Just wait until I expose y’all to the truth next week….

Racist feelings have been on an upswing since the “first black president” has been sworn in. Let us consider this from a recent poll:

Racial prejudice against blacks cut clearly across America’s left-right political divide, despite perceptions to the contrary. While 79 percent of Republicans willingly expressed racial prejudice when answering questions measuring explicit racism (as opposed to 32 percent among Democrats), the implicit racism test showed that a majority of Republicans (64 percent) and Democrats (55 percent) held implicit anti-black feelings. [5]

So, it can be said that both parties have anti-black feelings. It should be noted that the poll also found that 57 percent of the respondents held implicitly negative views about Hispanics, up 51 percent from an AP poll taken last year [6]. It is sad that racism could “grow” after having a black man in office.

There are some that say Obama is a racist. Pretty interesting….

But it happened.

The Skinniest

There is no post racial America. There will probably NEVER BE a post racial America. You can keep your hopes up if you want to. As long as you have people spewing ignorance about another race, forget about it. If racism increases after having one of the most revered representations of American values enter into office, there is nothing more left to be understood.

America is racist to the core and should be ashamed of itself.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!



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