Well, Beyonce did make mention of it, didn’t she? As Beyonce performed this song, many women played it in their cars, home stereos, or Ipods. The engagement ring is such a big deal for many women. Do I detest this idea? Not really. However, just because it is a big deal for many does not mean it should be a big deal for ALL. In turn, one must find their own traditions that they see fit for marriage and courtship.

Here is the question:

Should a woman say “yes” without the ring?

Short answer: yes the woman should as long as they know the ring is less important than the union OR if she is getting one later regardless.

I’m not trying to go against anyone’s traditions here. I am just stating how some have approached the situation in recent times.

To be respectful to convention, there is a strong meaning behind an engagement ring. As you all know, rings are circular. Circles have no beginning and no end, thus representing eternity, renewal, wholeness, and perfection [1]. That mentality of eternity is always important for marriage. The engagement ring is also symbolic of the sun, moon, and planets, bringing together all life just as an engagement ring brings together the lives of two people [2]. So, the symbolic meaning behind the ring is worthwhile enough to keep Jared in business.

However, is the ring more important than the marriage itself? I am afraid not. Possessing an engagement ring (or not, for that matter) does not mean that your marriage is going to last. You can buy the best diamonds money can buy. Yet, if your relationship is not on point, then that will be an expensive item you need to pawn. Engagement rings can be expensive; failed marriages can be the expense of a lifetime.

In the end, it is all depending upon how one person feels about it. If you know that you are, or your woman is, a heavily traditionalist, then get the engagement ring. The ring has symbolic meaning. However, if tradition is not that important to you then don’t get one. Whatever choice you make needs to be based on the strength of your union, not the appearance given to others. Conventions are nice, but conventional wisdom is even better.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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