It is time for me to make a change before the school year even starts.

I have been thinking long and hard about one of the aspects of my life that I am lacking in: reading books. While I do read “sometimes”, I don’t read enough books on a consistent basis. Also, I am noticing that news articles and blogs are clogging up my space. Thus, I felt that it was time to concentrate some efforts on the same field I plan on entering within the next couple of years: the realm of literature.

Yet, in order to BE a great author, you have to ENJOY THE CRAFT of great authors. It would make no sense for me to desire something that I don’t actually experience as a fan. I would want people to read my books. In fact, when I do release a book, I want people to purchase, discuss, and even critique my thought process. In short, I am giving love and attention to others before I work to get reciprocation.

Yet, I wasn’t truly inspired until I read about a man that read a book a week for 52 weeks. Others have done it in their spare time as well. So, this idea isn’t original. However, I’m not shooting for originality. What I am shooting for is an inspired improvement in my life.

So, I am going to read a book a week for 52 weeks.

Then, I am going to share my findings with you all.

This won’t disrupt the flow of my other blogs. You all don’t have to worry about that. But, I do want you all to walk with me on this journey of self-improvement, dedication, and discipline. I want you all to either be in spired by me or live with vicariousness. Still, some of my blogs will reflect my reading.

So, what do you all think?

Does anyone have book suggestions?

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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