I don’t know about you, but I always took pride in my spelling. There is always something about incorrect spelling to me. For the most part, it makes you look illiterate. Also, it makes it seem as if you don’t read or write enough. For me, not being able to spell has been something tantamount to looking stupid.

The problem is this: I don’t think the spelling situation will spell out into some improvement.

The question:

I want you to address all the men WITH POOR SPELLING & GRAMMAR. Specifically those who actually type garbage like this on their online dating profiles: “I love my lord n savyer jesus chris…He be lookin out fa ya boy like everytime”. Is it just me or it seems that we are going backwards?

The answer:

We are going backwards. Whenever you have a song mentioning “L-O-L ” as the title, you know we are in trouble.

Peace to Trey Songz.

This issue isn’t just something that people randomly feel. It is becoming a nuisance within the business world [1]. It is one thing to have errors in regular communication. However, it is another thing to have them in business emails [2]. So, all of this lack of spelling is hurting the business sector.

Alas, a bigger issue occurs outside of the business world; they occur in the schools. Schools don’t teach spelling, nor do they understand that English is written in an alphabetic code [3]. Many teachers don’t understand that English is constructed to be spelled, and spoken, correctly. Then again, most don’t understand that English is highly structured and logical in formation [4]. In short, our approach to scholastics has yielded lackluster spelling.

People, can we learn how to spell? I know many of us may find it difficult to master. However, if you want to consider yourself educated (at least at a high school level) then spelling is a necessity. Spell check should not be your best friend. So, for the sake of sanity and word use, we need to get the spelling together.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!



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