It seems that even the holidays won’t keep the police from killing innocent and/or unarmed people.

I’m going to give two instances where the police killed people unnecessarily in situations where violence wasn’t even necessitated. Also, I’m going to analyze where both situations went totally wrong.

Police Still Killing Exhibit A

Here is the first situation: a troubled teen visits his father and threatens him with a bat. Police come in and kill two people for the price of one. More on that story:

In a city troubled by allegations of police misuse of force, a Chicago officer early on Saturday shot and killed a male college student and a mother of five, both black, and the police department later said the woman’s death was both accidental and tragic.

“Officers were confronted by a combative subject resulting in the discharging of the officer’s weapon which fatally wounded two individuals,” the police department said in a statement.

A woman, 55, “was accidentally struck and tragically killed,” it said, adding “the department extends its deepest condolences to the victim’s family and friends.” [1]

Yep, you read that right: the police department sends it condolences for taking the time to kill a woman that shouldn’t have even been killed. I’m not sure if this is supposed to make people feel better. 9 times out of ten, though, the victims are still going to be within an angered form of mourning.

Police Still Killing Exhibit B

Father. Security guard for CNN. Husband. Holiday week fatality. More after this:

Douglas County sheriff’s deputies got the call around 8:20 p.m. Monday. The security guard for a mobile home park in Douglasville, Ga., said he had just been held at gunpoint for 45 minutes as he made his evening rounds.

That was around the same time that Bobby Daniels, 48, got the frantic calls from loved ones — his 25-year-old son Bias was having an emotional breakdown, he had a gun and had just been holding a hostage.

Bobby Daniels beat the deputies there, and according to family members talked his despondent son into putting the weapon down on the hood of a car. Moments later, the father of five was shot twice — not by his son, but by a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy. [2]

Wow. And to make matters worse, we have another case of “disagreeing perceptions:

And, as has often been the case in the aftermath of police shootings this year, police officials and the slain man’s family tell contradictory stories of how Bobby Daniels ended up shot and dying on the asphalt.

‘Bobby came for the purpose of calming his son down, he arrived before even the police,” said Chris Stewart, a civil rights attorney representing the Daniels family. “His son pointed the weapon at Bobby, and forced him to sit back into the car, and that’s when the police arrived with their weapons drawn.” [3]

Police Still Killing Exhibit X – The Understanding

Let’s gain some perspective on these situations. Both of these situations are just another contemporary example of how police should not engage citizenry. With close analysis, you have instances where the use of deadly force wasn’t necessary. You also have two situations where died while unarmed. One of these was a woman that had nothing to do with the civil disturbance that brought the police around. For the sake of perspective, some police are either bloodthirsty or seriously incompetent.

Yet, these circumstances goes right along with the American police narrative. For example, while Black men make up only 6 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 40 percent of the unarmed men shot to death by police in 2015 [4]. That should be scary for the sake of mathematical proportions. Taking in the fact that Black people are twice likely to be unarmed than whites, yet 1/3 of them were unarmed when killed by police is even scarier [5]. Thus, that American narrative reveals that Black people will always catch the short end of the police baton.

Like Ta-Nehisi Coates warned his son (and indirectly, us) in Between The World And Me, the police department have been “endowed with the authority to destroy your body”.

Police Still Killing Exhibit Ended

Three people have died over the holiday week and they didn’t have to. Once again, this is the type of thing that happens in America. The police should never be this negligent. Yet, when it comes to its citizens, that negligence can be expected. In short, a time of celebration became a time of mourning because some people can’t do their jobs.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!