All feminine activities and foolishness aside, Marvin’s Room by Drake does explain how some people feel when they lose the ones they love. I don’t approve of the haterism and jealousy. However, I do admire the will to admit the feelings that do still exist. Drake actually gets honest with himself by explaining “she could do better”. With this, we see the complexity of relationships and expectations.

However, just because “she can do better” doesn’t mean that she even realizes, or wants, to “do better”.


Okay, so I and my baby daddy were together for like 7 years.  He is my world, but on the other hand he started to talk to this other female. They started messing around hard. Next thing you know, they started going together. During that time I and he were still having sex. Now I am pregnant. Yet, she is pregnant too.

Through it all, he says he still have love for me. However, he told me he is scared to tell me how he really feels.  I guess he thinks that I am going to hurt him.  But I’ll never hurt nor harm him for anything in the world. Where am I messing up at?



Okay, let me drink something before I even begin to address this situation.

Even Supes had to sip after reading this....

Even Supes had to sip after reading this….

Now that I’m done drinking, I think that you need to work a little more at respecting yourself. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you have just lowered your market value to “accessible piece of ass”.

If you haven’t already figured out, then you must understand that he isn’t really that healthy for you. For one thing, he is reckless. He already has children by you, but he gets another girlfriend just to have unprotected sex with you on the side? That doesn’t sound like wise behavior. Also, he has a lack of respect for you and the children you both have. He is already a “baby daddy”, and now he wants to invite another party into his life (and pockets) that he isn’t sure he wants around?

Stay thirsty, chick.

Stay thirsty, chick. Incorrect grammar and all.

Yet, the bigger issue is this: you have a thirst for being wanted. There, I said it: you are acting like one of these thirsty females that be on Instagram posing for props. Why would you want to deal with someone that holds little regard for you, your relationship, or the children you have together? He is inviting drama to your household. You, on the other hand, would rather play “TV viewer” to the self-made reality show that is about to occur.

Reality TV - making all of our fuck shit fantasies come true.

Reality TV – making all of our fuck shit fantasies come true.

He isn’t Shawty Lo and you need to stop acting like you are one of his trollops.

In the end, you have to expect better for yourself. You are supposed to be a respectable lady that is a mother. Instead, you want to treat yourself like someone’s prized side piece of ass. If he wanted to be with your, he wouldn’t be with her. Yet, you fell for the game anyway. In short, move on from him and make sure he takes care of his kids.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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