Sometimes, there is nothing better than a father that is involved in their children’s future. With father’s day being belated, patriarchal involvement is always integral in the development of young children. Even better, some parents even stay involved long enough to see their kids grow up to be successful adults. No matter what age, parental involvement is always key to a child’s success. In short, fatherhood is important because fatherhood is a necessity.

Yet, P. Diddy has found a way to make people cringe on his fatherhood skills. Here is what occurred during a college football practice (yes, you read that right):

Diddy was arrested by UCLA campus police Monday at 12:30 p.m. PT after an altercation involving a kettlebell at the school’s Acosta Athletic Training Complex, according to a university release. He is being charged with one felony count of assault with a deadly weapon. No one was seriously harmed, according to the release.

“I’m thankful that our staff showed the level of professionalism that they did in handling this situation,” UCLA football coach Jim Mora said in a statement. “This is an unfortunate incident for all parties involved. While UCPD continues to review this matter, we will let the legal process run its course and refrain from further comment at this time.”

Diddy should be transferred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Inmate Reception Center tonight, according to the release. [1]

Where P. Diddy Went Wrong

Okay, here is where things don’t make sense: why is P. Diddy actually approaching ANYBODY about his son being coached on a COLLEGIATE level? I understand he may not “like” the strength and conditioning coach barking orders at his kid. He may not have liked the colorful language being used by Sal Alosi. Still, all of the theatrics that occurred in this situation is low key ridiculous and extremely stupid. P. Diddy must have forgotten this isn’t Pop Warner football.

P. Diddy

I mean, am I the only one that finds the hilarity in this?

If anyone is paying attention, this is a serious parenting issue. At some point, a parent has to let their kids grow into being adults. College is the time in which the child leaves the nest and figures out life for themselves. How is Justin Combs going to grow into the man he needs to be when P. Diddy is being a ball-and-chain against his personal growth? It’s bad enough that Justin hasn’t played in all but three games during his career at UCLA. What’s even worse is P. Diddy’s overbearing foolishness casting a bad light on his situation.

Diddy Probably Feels His Kid is Special

You know what? I didn’t realize another important factor in today’s parenting.

Diddy, just like many other parents, probably feel that their kid is “special”. Honestly, their kids are special: they are special to their parents. Nevertheless, P. Diddy has a knack for narcissism:

Not all parents are equally inclined to overvalue. We found that narcissistic parents, who believe they are superior to others and who want to be admired by others, are especially inclined toward it. But why? One possibility is that narcissistic parents are trying to put themselves on a pedestal. Because parents often see their child as part of themselves, admiring their child may also be an indirect way of admiring themselves. Another possibility is that narcissistic parents simply believe that the child has inherited their “wonderful qualities.” [2]

Diddy has ALWAYS put himself on a pedestal. Also, he wants nothing but the best for his son. So, his actions aren’t all that surprising (albeit grandiose and unnecessary).

Diddy and Parenting Conclusion

Diddy, like any other parent, wants the best for his children. However, the overvaluing of his son Justin and his own personality is not helping the situation any. At this point, he needs to fall back and let Justin figure things out on his own. Parenting can be a hands-on occupation. Still, there comes a time when a parent have to know when the situation is “hands off”.

With or without the use of a kettle bell.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!!