Now, whether or not you agree with the subject matter of this song is up to you. Yet, one must agree that this song rung alarms on the radio in the late 90’s. The clubs fell in love with it due to its addictive chorus and highly potent sexual content. Although it covered risqué content, the appeal of “Put It In Your Mouth” was hard to ignore. To this day, it remains a triumphant anthem for oral sex.



Weirdly enough, there are qualms about men performing oral sex in these days and times. An article posting from the Huffington Post (by way of the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology) gave way to the idea that men perform oral sex to ward off infidelity [1]. Basically, plenty of men performed oral sex to keep their women from straying away. After surveying 243 adult men in heterosexual relationships, the researchers deduced that cunnilingus is used to discourage women from cheating, a theory the authors refer to as a “mate-retention strategy” [2]. Thus, a strange reasoning behind men performing oral sex has come about.

Still, the article takes note of obvious outrages from the study. You can go to Gloss or to see those responses, however.

My personal issue is this: where in the hell did they find these clods and why did they have THEM partake in a study dealing with men performing oral sex?

My problem isn’t the study itself; rather it deals with the findings that are inundated with foolishness. It started off looking for the wrong type of confirmation: oral sex was used for the sake of getting a woman pregnant. That is why it is ORAL SEX ON A WOMAN: it has nothing to do with the male at all. Second, your average male doesn’t consider infidelity issues when it comes to performing oral sex. With that said, I think these scientists wasted a lot of time on trials that only proved to be trivial.

Safe to say, the study is junk science.

Let me break down some REAL reasons for men performing oral sex that has NOTHING to do with keeping her from cheating or having babies:

Oral sex 2

a.)    Some men enjoy performing oral sex:

Yep. I just named the reason that most women, and men, should know by now. Some men enjoy doing it because WE LIKE IT. If there is a chance that we don’t like it, there may be an alternative: WE LOVE IT. Some enjoy it because they know they can get the woman’s rocks off. Some do it because we know we will be reciprocated in return. And then there are those that either love the taste of a woman or have an oral fetish. Whatever it may be, many men that do it like it.

Pretty much.

Pretty much.

b.)    Plenty of women enjoy oral sex being performed on them:

I mean, this is pretty self-explanatory. Some women can get down with a good lick down. This is true. There are those women that can have their entire day go great because of this one, solitary act in the bedroom. There was a reason why Khia sang “My Neck, My Back”.

Now THIS is a woman that knows what she likes.

Now THIS is a woman that knows what she likes.

c.)    For many, oral sex just makes for better sexual experiences:

People usually liken oral sex to the “warming up an oven”. You know: you need to warm up the oven before you get to baking/cooking anything. Well, oral sex is just that aspect. Many people consider it the precursor to greatness. You can’t argue with that.

Oral Sex 1

With that said, can we now just realize that some scientists need better studies to focus on?

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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