Ferguson has been a hot bed of civil unrest ever since the murder of Michael Brown. If there hasn’t been senseless looting, then there has been heartwarming peaceful protests. The cyber hactivist group Anonymous has sided with the protesting citizenry. Even Palestinians have shared their knowledge on how to deal with tear gas. It is safe to say that the world is watching America through Ferguson, Missouri.

Obama 1

Yet, the world is also watching Obama not take the necessary stance he should take as president.

Should we Expect Obama to Do More?

Now, before the detractors get on my case, rest assured that I know he is a president. Every single issue cannot be addressed by a man that has the “world on his shoulders” and “conservatives trying to bury him”. I also understand that, as the president, he doesn’t “owe any of us anything”. Obama is not here to come to our beckon and call. So, I understand that the president isn’t here to solve all of our issues.

Yes, Obama Needs to Step Up

However, seeing his actions toward this situation should make any person cringe (race be damned). What we have to understand is that Obama has to do more than send Eric Holder to investigate. Once he found out about this, his trip to Martha’s Vineyard should have been cut short. I’m sorry, but Ferguson is practically in the middle of escalating civil unrest. Who better to set the ship back on course than America’s leader?

Ferguson, this is your situation.

Ferguson, this is your situation.

And yes, I am expecting more than him saying we need to find a “call of understanding” and to “heal rather than wound”, and whatever sugar coated words he gives. Most of us are.

Calling Obama Out: Business as Usual

An even more glaring circumstance of Obama’s tenuous actions is the fact that he has been called out more than once. If it wasn’t Diddy posting an Instagram video about the situation, then it is the constant questioning of his motives by plenty of other people. It would be simple to shrug this off as “people expecting too much” in a lesser situation. However, Eric Michael Dyson made a poignant, sobering statement about Obama’s involvement (or lack thereof):

Ferguson is emblematic of those larger shifts. You’ve got white flight of a formerly white suburb that’s now 65 percent black. You’ve got 22 percent poverty; you’ve got the over-policing of an entire community who feel racially harassed by the police. Every 28 hours across America a black person is killed by a security guard, a police officer or some other executive of the state or police force. [1]

And he had some other choice words:

Especially white people, whose white privilege obscures from them what it means that their children can walk home and be safe. They’re not fearful of the fact that somebody will kill their child who goes to get some iced tea and some candy from a store. Until that equality is brought, the president bears a unique responsibility and burden to tell that truth. [2]

Obama 2

In other words, Obama needs to grab his balls, step to the plate, and play the presidential game.

Simply put, Obama needs to step up because Ferguson has gotten out of control. The simple statements he has made in the media is not enough. Sending Eric Holder down is smart, but it still lacks his presence. Much is asked of a man with the responsibility of being president of the United States. With those expectations come the responsibility of reacting to home front situations of chaos.

Obama, it is time to show up.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!