Was the show great? No. It was cool, though. Here are a few thoughts (well, more than  a few) on what occurred as I saw it. Trust me: I’m being honest. So bear with me.

1.)    Beyonce + Jay Z = Drunk In Love. Can’t hate on that. Can’t hate on that at all. I don’t care if you noticed more backshots than body movements. Beyonce does Beyonce. And Jay Z when the lights dim and they drink Ace of Spades.

2.)    I can’t complain about LL’s hosting efforts. I know he is doing what he should do: keep things under control. Not too many jokes. Not too much corniness. Keep it simple.

3.)    Only Pharrell can pull off a hat that makes him look like a Mountie off of a cartoon. He just has that ability. Period. So be happy, suckers.