The NFL has made my boycott of their games become more vindicated. I haven’t really had the desire to watch the games. However, I still have the initial wanting to keep up with the stats. And yes, it is because of the Colin Kaepernick situation. Too many times have I heard people say that his play dictated his existence on an NFL roster. Thus, I wanted these present quarterbacks (starters and reserves playing for the injured) to prove me wrong.

From what I read about from yesterday, many of these QB’s should be watching these games from the comforts of their own homes. Let me shoot frank like I’m aiming a .45 at a Hebrew National: a lot of these QB’s sucked ass.

NFL Had Some Garbage QB Play For Week 1

I can understand that it is the first week and everyone might need to get the rust and cobwebs out. However, I’m not falling for any of that. The preseason exists for that reason. After that, your players should be ready to go and perform. They should be ready to conquer whatever it is out there posing as their opposition. In short, they should be ready to kick ass and take names.

Yet, I saw a lot of the opposite: asses getting kicked with their names taken.

Let me get off some stats for those in the back row still boycotting like I am:

  • Carson Palmer had a wash of a game. He did put up some good yardage with 26 for 48 and 269 yards. But, he still managed only one touchdown with three interceptions. Oh, and his team still lost.
  • Scott Tolzien entire existence on the field may have been a moot point. He went 9 of 18 for 128 yards and two interceptions. Both interceptions were pick-6’s if I recall correctly. Eventually, he was replaced by Jacoby Brissett (2/3 for 51 yards).
  • Andy Dalton, whom has been started for Cincinnati for the last few seasons, did fantastically atrocious. He was 16 for 31 for 170 yards and 4 (count them) interceptions. This makes me wonder if Marvin Lewis is back on the hot seat.
  • At 26 for 39 and 187 yards, Josh McCown was peak mediocrity. That is until you factor in the two interceptions. Then, we can say he was Ryan Fitzpatrick on a bad day: straight terrible.
  • Brian Hoyer, The Kaepernick replacement, didn’t give the 49ers much of a chance. He threw for 193 yards while going for 24 for 35. But he only contributed an interception. They gave up on Kaepernick for this? And yes, I am fully aware that Kaep left.
  • I’ll take it easy on Blake Bortles and Joe Flacco because the former was a good game manager and the latter is partially injured.

So, are we really going to keep thinking that things are going to get better? Put this on top of people already NOT watching the games and you have some issues. Last time I seen that LA Rams stadium, it was kind of on the emptier side of life. And the Thursday night game ratings were significantly worse than last year’s. I’m just trying to gauge how this football situation is going to work itself out.

NFL Needs To Get It Together

Among protest, punk play from quarterbacks, and political dissent for the game, The NFL need to get it together. At this stage, they are in for a long year. I could be wrong. However, the problem is that I could be right. If more QB’s keep stinking up the field, then there are going to be less people watching the game. And that would be just Karma for a league that has gotten better at PR schemes and worse at being worthwhile.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!