As a young man growing up on basketball, I loved every minute of the sport. From witnessing Chicago win 6 championships with Michael Jordan to the hardcore dominance of Detroit’s Bad Boy’s, I realize that I witnessed an era of greatness. Even with the Lakers dominating the majority of the 2000’s, there is something to be said for the game. The NBA showed that, beyond all, it was all about the game. Truly, this was the way that things were going to play out until my dying day.

Although I am not nearly on my death bed, it seems that the NBA is having some sort of commercial midlife crisis.

Nowadays, it happens every summer with a superstar player. There are the constant talks, rumors, and subjugation of information. There is also the media coverage. Since technology allows for instant information, we are always bombarded with the who-what-when-where-why-and-how 24/7/365. In turn, the NBA tends to make itself into a spectacle of reality show proportions.

And, to be honest, we have one thing that assists in this: free agency.

The Free Agency Creation

For those that don’t understand free agency, I will drop a little bit of surface knowledge. A free agent is a player who is eligible to sign with any club or franchise, i.e. not under contract to any specific team [1].  Basically, that player has the right to take their skill set elsewhere. This would involve restricted free agents, unrestricted free agents, and those players that are undrafted free agents [2]. So, free agency is basically a way for players to get the most monetary value out of their careers.

The Free Agency Problem

One of the main problems with today’s free agency (in the NBA respectfully) is the incessant media (ESPN) coverage of it. I get it: they want to make sure we know everything about everything. The speculation of the “moving Lebron’s luxury vehicles” was just speculative. However, I don’t give a damn about Lebron getting into an SUV while he leaves a basketball camp in Las Vegas. I love ESPN; still, the inconceivable jockeying that is done is appalling.

And then there is the other problem: we, as fans, don’t know how to act. When you have cars upon cars parked out in front of a man’s establishment, then what is there to be said? When one of those cars gets into a car accident because of the entire fracas, then what is there left to think? When a lot of these people aren’t a part of the media, then it remains to be seen what our lives has evolved into. How can I fully blame ESPN for pushing this visual narcotic when many of us are readily swarming to take it?

free agency_lebron-fans-1 free agency_lebron-cops free agency_leborn-car-crash

The NBA free agency, given the right amount of star power, has evolved into a Truman Show level escapade of dick riding at its finest.

Being Finished with Free Agency

The free agency is a method of players making financial/business decisions turned into the NBA’s invitation to basketball hype. When the hype turns into something more mind numbing and dramatic than an episode of Big Brother, then you know there is a problem. We can blame the media (ESPN especially). But we also have to blame the fans. Either or, we can thank all of them for turning the NBA’s free agency into a summer of blockbuster reality TV.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!