To hear about someone murdering their own daughter is both heartbreaking and anger stirring.

In fact, the shit is despicable.

Let me break down what I know about this story:

James Cosby is being held on the murder of his daughter, Britney Cosby, and her girlfriend by the name of Crystal Jackson. He had always noted that he didn’t like their relationship. He didn’t like the fact that his daughter was a lesbian. Whatever happened during that night, it seems that he is the prime suspect in the murder.

There are some things that are alarming about this case:

  • His fingerprints were found at the scene where the bodies were dumped.
  • There was blood found all around his house.
  • The SUV owned by one of the females has gone missing. However, it has been seen going to and fro within that Texas area in which they live (Houston and Port Bolivar).
  • There were several items recovered from James Cosby’s house that could be considered to be used as weapons. This includes a hammer.
  • There is a missing window shutter from the house. The father claims that it had been missing for a while.
  • Yet, the father cannot explain why his fingerprints are at the dumpster scene [1].

Lesbian Daughters at Risk?

This should make anybody sick, to be honest. For one, it takes extreme hate and prejudice to kill one of the most precious things you have created: another human being. Another thing is that he let his dissatisfaction for a grown woman’s choices help incriminate himself. Britney was a grown woman making grown woman decisions. Honestly, he should have let his daughter live her life and find her own happiness.

Yet, that could not be.

The bigger issue with this situation that I have is that I have a daughter. She may be too young to “understand” her own sexuality at the moment. Still, how much of a man would I be if I didn’t allow my daughter to figure out her own life and happiness? Whether she was a lesbian or not is not up to me. That situation is up to her and her natural sexual/amorous desires. My job, and any other father’s responsibility, is to love and support his daughter fi she is making sound choices about her life.

My responsibility is not to take her life because I do not agree with her lifestyle.

Fear for the Safety of Lesbian Women

As wild, crazy, and even “random” as this situation may (or may not) be, this type of news only sparks more fear. Lesbian women will have a reason to fear for their lives. Whether or not they should is up for debate. However, with it being 2014, one would think that more tolerance would exist within people. Alas, it has not proven to be so.

There are still those out there that will dislike you due to your choices that they do not agree with. Even if those choices have no true bearing on their lives, they will take their disagreement to profoundly ignorant levels. Now, there are two mothers that will miss their daughters. There is also a son that will miss their mother. All of this is over someone’s sexual orientation.

We, as a people, have to do better.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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