Note: Michelle Obama is in no way an endorser of my words. Also, this is a piece of nonfiction that deals with my opinion on a topic. If you disagree, then you must bring proof. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.

Michelle Obama, in my eyes, has been one of the best first ladies that the White House has ever seen. She is the founder of Just Move, an initiative to fight against childhood obesity. She is also a co-founder of Joining Forces, a military service program to assist servicemen/women and their families. Added to the fact that she has been almost as much (if not as much) a leader as Barack. When you put it all together and realize she did it with a style and grace that precedes her, you would think many people would be happy to have had her for the past eight years.

Michelle Obama and the Disrespect

Yet, it saddens me to say that there are those that haven’t appreciated a thing Michelle Obama has done. In fact, people like Ben Garrison (an editorial cartoonist) may not agree with the facts. Looking at his cartoon, he seems to think that Melania Trump will “make America great again”. Also, he has a bad issue with getting Michelle Obama’s anatomy correct because is way too many looking and muscular in the cartoon. For all that Michelle has done for this country, one would think that she would actually be depicted much more respectfully.

However, we can’t expect this in the days of “respectability politics that brings no one respect”. The Obamas have been disrespected since they have demonstrated the “audacity of hope”. Yet, the naysayers will always find a way to demoralize or criminalize a woman that has better educational credentials than 90% of the country. Then, when people say it is racism the detractors want to cry foul? I’m beginning to truly believe that cognitive dissonance is more popular than honesty nowadays.

Michelle Obama and The Pictorial Discussion

But don’t let me do anymore talking. I have enough tweeted pictures from Khal Draghoe (@brownandbella) to say anything else I need to mention.

Michelle Obama

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@brownandbella has a point. And if you missed the point, then there is a chance that you are part of the problem Michelle Obama has had for the last eight years. Make America great on that one.

Sidenote: Fuck Ben Garrison. That’s all.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!