The dating scene has become a superfluous realm of possibilities and approaches. Nowadays, one can be easily found meandering online communities that are specified for our preferences ( and In other instances, people have the options of “speed dating” and even “purchasing an escort” for their “services”. Yet, all of this can either become a grand example of selection or grandiose activity. In turn, dating has become the over-abundant response to people’s desire for variety.

And people wonder why the dating experience is so demanding: it is like this because everybody acts so “extra”.

Some Men Want To Wait 90 Day To Pay For A Date

90 Day Wait on Date Spending

And all of that extra has led to another lame brain idea: men waiting 90 days before they pay for a date. Saving the self-explanatory madness, the idea explains itself. A man, if they want to test if they are serious about someone, will “test the waters” by waiting out their monetary spending. If that woman is worthy, then they will “pay for a date”. In short, this is a way to see if that woman is worth it or not.

I am not sure if this was ever done or not. I am sure, however, that it was discussed on a forum recently. I’m not really sure I care whether or not people were successful in doing this. Still, this is by far one of the stupidest approaches to dating I have ever seen conceived. It seems to be an insipid response to women waiting 90 days before they have sex with a man.

And to me, that is like comparing apples to filet mignon.

Why You Should Not Wait 90 Days To Pay For A Date

I have 5 reasons as to why this is faulty logic:

1.)    90 Days to pay for a Date is Not Equivalent to 90 Days before Sex: First of all, if you are dating to have sex with a female then you need to question your manhood. It is not about is buying time before you can get her into bed. So, if you feel the need to do this in response to keeping her legs closed, then you have some other issues that you need to resolve. And those issues may require tissue, lotion, and a nice subscription to  The consequences of spending money are far less than the consequences of sex gone wrong.

2.)    Eventually, You Will Pay for Something: My fellow men, how creative are you? Do you honestly think that you won’t eventually pay for something? Unless you plan on riding your bike, it will take you transportation money to go out. If you plan on eating, you will probably have to spend money on that. And if you think she is going to pay for anything dealing with a date (when she already has in her own right), then you better get that either agreed upon up front or in writing. Otherwise, you are going to look crazy.

3.)    Eventually, You Will Run out of Creativity:  With all that saved money should be some spent creativity. I don’t care how many creative ideas you have for not spending money, they will eventually get old. At some point, that movie premier that you are dying to see becomes that more appetizing. And why not? It is a date, remember?

90 Day Wait on Date Spending

I posted this picture in my blog numerous times so you can read it over and over again. After that, you can see how dumb it sounds.

4.)    Eventually, She Will Become Bored with Your Antics: With all that creativity gone and you still holding onto that 30 dollars because you don’t want to spend it at Applebees (low common denominator for dates), she will become bored. She may as well go out with the guy that won’t have  a problem buying a 2 for $20 dollar special at a restaurant or a Wendy’s chicken wrap off the dollar menu(again, lowest common denominator).

5.)    Dating is about dating: Dating is not about getting something out of someone. Dating is about courtship, constructive learning, and communication. This is where you all get to know each other. You get to learn each other’s likes, loves, cute quirks, and awful habits. You can even learn about each other’s fears so you can avoid unnecessary pitfalls while dating. If these are not the goals of dating, then what are you there for?

I understand that people want to save face on the dating scene. However, coming up with inconceivable concepts to battle against a concept that actually makes sense (in the long run) is petty. And I would have hoped that your mother/father/parents have raised all of the men out there to not be petty. Pettiness is not very manly. So, please suck it up, save a few dollars, and show that woman a good time. At worst, it could be a date gone wrong. At best, you could invest in a wise choice of a woman. But scared money don’t make money.

And that is simple investment logic.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!