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With that said, it is time for me to talk about a situation that is unsurprisingly taking the internet by storm. No, it is not the references to how good Kanye West’s new song “New Slaves” may or may not be. Also, it is not a reference to Charles Ramsey being a hero despite people’s attempts to make the man look bad. In fact, this is a reference to a phenomena that was going to happen regardless. In turn, this situation picked up steam as soon as it was equitably labeled.

This phenomena is known as “the thirsty individual”.

And no, I’m not referring to someone that “needs a drink of water/Gatorade/whatever to rehydrate themselves”.

The word “thirsty” is nothing new as far as actions are concerned. Urban Dictionary defines “thirsty” as “too eager to get something; desperate” or “to crave attention” [1]. Usually, you will find many people working their hardest to get others to notice them. The last definition, “wanting something really bad”, can pretty much help summarize the intentions of people’s actions [2]. As newly defined as it is, the act of “being thirsty” has been occuring for years.

Shout out to the man that wanted to drink Shug Avery’s bathwater on “The Color Purple”.

Now, I’m going to drop the line on the chocolate covered lie: all men are being thirsty on the internet.

The Thirst That Occurs

You are just trying to buy it from her, huh?

You are just trying to buy it from her, huh?

To be fair, there are plenty of men being thirsty on the Internet. In fact, I can just use the wonderful Tumblr site Thirstiest Men of Instagram as prime example of the thirst that occurs. This site highlights the mass amount of heinous panty-chasing that happens through Instagram. You can see monetary offers for sex and phone numbers being posted for response. Thus, the thirst occurs at an alarming rate.

I mean, damn man...you need to stalk her, too?

I mean, damn man…you need to stalk her, too?

However, I find that the presentation of the “thirst phenomenon” to be quite troubling.

For one, many people don’t work to discriminate between actions that ARE thirsty and ones that are just “complimentary”. A person can see a picture on Facebook, for example, and just give a comment. The only way he is being “thirsty” is if he is working hard to get that person’s attention. However, people mistaken “chivalry” and “giving a compliment” with “being thirsty. For too many people, there is no middle ground: a person is thirsty even when there the possibility that they are not.

He could have said WAY more than that, though.....

He could have said WAY more than that, though…..

Another issue that I have noticed is that, in conjunction with the thirsty comments from the men, there are the thirsty pictures from the WOMEN. People can say what they will. However, what type of commentary are you to expect from a man on Instagram when you are either half naked or wearing an outfit that says “look at me AND my ASSets”? I understand that women want to be valued for more than their nice tits and big butts. However, many of them confound the situation when they take pictures of their asses and tits.

You are showing ass on Instagram, but people have something to say when the men start acting foolish? Oh.

You are showing ass on Instagram, but people have something to say when the men start acting foolish? Oh.

If you want comments about your intellect, then post a picture of your grades and/or your IQ level.

The Skinny

From what I gather, thirsty is as thirsty does. Yes, there are plenty of people (especially men) being thirsty on the internet. However, many of us mistaken “being thirsty” with “being nice”. Plus, a lot of the women that want to view men as “thirsty” take photos that contribute to their own “thirst” for attention. At the end of the day, all the thirsties out there just need to go get quenched and keep it moving.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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