Melania Trump has to be the biggest (or maybe the most brash) plagiarist that has existed in the entire history of politics.

Before I get into the foolishness of her actions, let me preface the context of this fuckery. Ever since Donald Trump announced his bid for presidential candidacy, many of the racists, Republicans, and all those that “hate anything that isn’t white” have been filled with glee. Donald has been seen as everything (mainly) white America wants out of a president: vile, disrespectful, and bold with his racial/prejudiced actions. He has badmouthed the president. He has suggested building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. He had made it very clear who his constituents are: the worst parts of this country.

Then, the most unbelievable situation occurred: Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for president of the United States. And I don’t think The Simpsons or Idiocracy could have predicted this any clearer.

Fast forward to the present, the RNC had its convention as of yesterday. And of course, I didn’t watch it. Why would I want to watch a shitfest for the racist and prejudiced? It is bad enough that there was a rep there that noted “white people historically contributed the most to America”. And then there were the stereotypical Black men in cowboy hats supporting the Republican cause. In short, there was nothing to convince me that this Republican convention was not a joke.

Using my common sense, I went to sleep.

But, what I woke up to solidly confirmed that politics have become a joke.

Melania Trump The Rhyme Biter

Melania Trump did the one thing that both high school authors and foundation rich hip hop rhymers have been taught to disdain: she plagiarized. Yes, my people, you have read this correctly. Melania Trump is a “beat biter! Dope style taker/Tell you to your face you ain’t nuttin but a faker!” as MC Lyte said back on “10% Dis”. Instead of coming with her own material, she found a way to Milli Vanilli her way into her speech. I haven’t seen such swag stealing this side of Desiigner.

Melania Trump 3

And I’m not talking about little bits here and there. I am talking about paragraphs of bitten material. Paragraphs of material plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. The Texas toast thick irony of it all is that Melania Trump bit off the one person that many Republicans have dissed and disrespected.

Melania Trump

Here is the biggest issue that I have with the entire situation: it is 2016. How stupid did Melania Trump think we were going to be? This is the day of technology and on-the-clock updates on real world situations. Hell, there are websites dedicated to detecting lies and plagiarism. Did the author of this speech actually think this would fly?

Melania Trump 4

Or was all of this intentionally done to draw attention and make headlines for foolishness? Quite frankly, sensationalism has been the Republican tool for this upcoming election.

Melania Trump Milli Vanilli’ed her Way Through It

This entire clutter of cluelessness justifies why many people have disdain for politics. It is bad enough politicians have bad habits of plagiarism as is. But to do it in a speech where millions are watching? I don’t know if that was pure marketing genius or sheer stupidity. Thus, there is no question as to why the elephant and donkey are the party symbols: politics have become the circus of asses.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!