If Bilal can do anything, he can touch the soul. Those effortlessly silky vocals always touch the inner recesses of ones feelings and emotions. The production that he chooses only enhances his musical aura. His experiences come out as musical notes and funky basslines. Seemingly, Bilal is a man that was born to express life over instrumentals.

This is the perfect song for the seemingly necessary question being asked.


I have friends that are together, but they “aren’t together”. I’m not sure about them. It seems as if they love each other, but they aren’t IN LOVE with each other. Why do people waste their time in relationships like this?


To be frank and forthcoming, plenty of couples are like this because their relationships are what you call “love out of convenience”.

If you are from an urban area, you already know.

If you are from an urban area, you already know.

Think of their relationship as the convenience store. Sure, the milk is probably overpriced by a dollar or two. Yes, the only things worth buying are the chips and the Arizona Ice Teas. Half the time, there isn’t going to be anything healthy or inspiring outside of the Laffy Taffys and the lottery tickets. Still, you go there because it is only a quarter of a mile from your house (i.e. down the street).

And they lived happily never after....

And they lived happily never after….

See that right there? That’s how convenience works: you deal with the situation because it’s the easiest one.
Don’t get me wrong: there is one benefit to a relationship based on convenience. For the sake of argument, a relationship based on convenience IS convenient [1]. Remember that convenience store reference? Well do know that there are plenty of relationships that shall, and should, fit this bill [2]. You already know what you are getting and you already know how far to go.

However, there are issues to be had with convenient love. As Pamela Haag, author of Marriage Confidential, would say “…isn’t a marriage of convenience like dragging the carcass of a necrotic relationship on your back for years?”[3]. It is one thing to stick with something because you believe in it. It is another thing to defy your own values because you want to save face [4]. At some point, you have to wonder if this union is worth it.

Sometimes, the package deal is a life saver.

Sometimes, the package deal is a life saver.

So, there you have it: some people like the easy life. Relationships are rarely easy, so you can’t fault someone looking for the easier situation. However, the easier may have you sacrificing more than you should. I am not against finding “the greenest grass”. Still, what happens when you realize that they are all take a lot of maintenance regardless?

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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