The Best Man Holiday

Damn, this was a great movie. Although people may knock it for being either overly sentimental or predictable, I feel that it covered some real issues. It actually took on some modern world situations and made them fitting for movie viewing. Yet, it never lost the reality of how situations play out. Mixing all those necessary aspects of movie making made The Best Man Holiday a winner.

Still, I always take something from every movie that I get a chance to watch. Here are the few takeaways I got form this sequel:

Even if your family works in harmony like New Edition.

Even if your family works in harmony like New Edition.

a.)    Know who/where your family is when tragedy strikes: Things will go wrong. Hell, they always do. However, your family needs to have your back regardless of what is going on. Otherwise, they can’t call themselves family. Oh, and by “family”, I don’t always mean “blood relatives”. More on that later.

b.)    Leave the past in the past: Harboring feelings of disgust, hate, and trepidation for someone else that has done you wrong gets old. It is actually worse when the other party is quite apologetic about whatever happened. I may not be the biggest advocate for “forgiveness setting you free”. However, I do know that holding onto such feelings is a pure hindrance. There is nothing to gain for carrying bitterness’s ball and chain.

Terrence Howard knows....

Terrence Howard knows….

c.)     Love never dies (or something like that):  This is something that many of us don’t want to hear or believe. I understand. However, when you see the statement “love never dies”, then you need to take that statement at both face value and deeper intuition. People break up. People move on with live, and people find new love. But that doesn’t mean old love dies. And it damn sure doesn’t mean that old appreciation fades. We all should remember that as we grow older.

d.)    Family ain’t always blood:  Your family is considered those that have your back in thick and thin. They don’t have to be related to you. They just have to realize that you are a part of their lives and they are a part of yours. From that point, it is about making sure that everyone is okay. Once you realize you have your “family” intact, you need to take care of them.

We can even grocery shop...among awkward as that may be.

We can even grocery shop…among males….as awkward as that may be.

e.)    Black men need to stop trying to be so hard: Oh, boy. I think it is time for me to open the can of worms. But to hell with it: Black men need to swallow their pride sometimes and show their vulnerability. As men, we can’t be afraid to say “I’m fucked up” or “I need help”. We work hard to have that “Iron Man” image but have a “Plastic Man” existence. Sometimes, you need to have someone that will help you “get yourself together” when you spread yourself way too thin.

There are other different things I could have taken from this movie. Also, I could have talked more ABOUT the movie. Then again, I need people to go SEE the movie and support great cinema. The Best Man Holiday has quite a few messages woven within the fabric of its cinematography. I am just hoping people catch it like I did.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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