It is me or is Marvin Gaye singing his heart out. He even got on his classic skullcap. Touching the hands of so many women in the crowd, you knew they all wanted to be “chosen”. Yet, there are some serious things to consider when one has a “distant lover”. Also, there are some key signs to let you know that they are either serious or trying to see if you are worth the effort. Distance be damned, nothing can take away from the true existence of real love.

The question:

Is it a good sign that a female you been talking to, that lives in another state, wants to come visit you for the weekend?

My response: Hell Yes! It is actually a great sign (in my opinion).

There is a reason as to why this is great: it shows that she is, above all, interested in seeing what you are all about. This is an interesting situation because that woman is taking a calculated risk into delving deep within the waters of attraction and commitment. Hopefully, she can navigate herself around the rivers of your existence. You, on the other hand, need to make sure that there are no riptides and furious waves that would make her get out of the water faster. In the end, she should get to be that fish within an enormous pond of possibility: your river of existence.

You get the analogy? I hope so. You are pretty smart. LOL!

Once that “flow” has been established, there is one word that needs to be considered: planning. Long distance relations work because people plan things out: visitations, talking, sexy Skype dances, and all the other stuff that make relationships bang [1]. Unless you are the heavily spontaneous type, leave nothing less to accident or incident. Also, it would even be in one’s best interests to make sure you are in an encouraging environment for the relationship to flourish [2]. In short, you both need to have the majority of it figured out.

Long distance relationships take work just like regular relationships. Your situation can either be “distance making the fonder heart” or “out of sight, out of mind”. Meanwhile, be enamored in the fact that the female wants to come visit for a weekend. You obviously have piqued her interest. Now that you have her interest, make sure it grows into a profit or gain. Be reminded that all visitors want to feel at home.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!


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