I’m not sure if people are really paying attention to the words that Kenna is singing on this remix. However, he has a clear message within the chorus: play the games you can win. Don’t work to do the things that you know will fail. One should play their hand, peep the game, and fold when necessary. Relatively, people need to work with the hand they are given.

But what happens when a person wants to move over the fact that they have “lost a few hands here and there”?


I was wondering if you could tell me how long it takes to get over a relationship or know that it is 100% over.


You know it’s over when you don’t feel hurt about the situation ending (badly or not).

I bet you are looking for more of an expectation, aren’t you? Fine, I will give it to you. But listen (i.e. read) closely and don’t get anything confused.

getting over the relationship

Getting over a relationship is all about personal progress. When you have finally made peace with the situation and you live your life with no regrets or bitterness, you know you have arrived. When you notice your arrival only makes you understand your mistakes AND your successes, you have found wisdom. Your wisdom should lead to a better understanding and better choices; then will you know that you are led by inner truth and not insular bitterness. In short, that personal progress should make you a better person.

But the bigger question is this: are you still wondering why it happened or have you accepted the situation for whatever it is and learned from the situation?

So, which one are you going to do???

So, which one are you going to do???

If you haven’t gotten over it, then you shall be in trouble for a long time. It is not constructive to hold onto a situation that shouldn’t even be in consideration. If you understand what went wrong, then learn from it. If you don’t understand what the issue was, then try to at least come to terms with the fact that it is over. All you can do is improve who YOU are and work from there.

Conclusively, there is no real timetable for getting over a relationship. However, when you know you are over it you will KNOW. There will be no doubts because your personal progress will show it. Still, if you have to ask “Have I gotten over it” then you haven’t. In truth, treat the situation like a Bill Cosby Jello commercial: the proof is in the pudding.


‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!

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