As usual, I take some of Diggame’s questions and answer them. Nothing more. Nothing less. He brings up great rhetorical questions. I just think that they shouldn’t be so rhetorical. And that is where the fun starts!!!

1.)    Will America have a real discussion about racism or just talk around it?

At what point in our glorious history have we had honest conversations about anything dealing with race, racism, and the hand that White America has in it? How can we be real when White America tends to follow a media that spends more time making us look “urbanely uncultured” or “savage”? How do we do this when we have Blacks and Whites taking issue with the protests/demonstrations by bringing up “black on black crime” when Trayvon Martin was about injustice?

2.)    Does Prodigy from Mobb Deep regret that G-Unit tattoo?

Unless 50 Cent has dissed him in recent history, I doubt it. I read his book. He has nothing but love for 50 Cent (as he tells it).

3.)    How dope is that new Eddie Murphy and Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion reggae track??

Surprisingly impressive. Most of Eddie Murphy’s music hasn’t been (and probably shouldn’t be) taken seriously.

4.)    How many licks DOES it take to get through a Tootsies roll pop?

It depends on a variety of factors such as the size of your mouth, the amount of saliva, etc. Basically, the world may never know.

I'll bet you don't.

I’ll bet you don’t.

5.)    Is Dwayne Wade ex-wife Siohvaughn crazy or a hurt and bitter woman?

She is both. When you take things to this extreme, you have to lack some type of balance. She had plenty of bills paid for AND received 25K per month. Unless she is a total ignoramus, there is no way in hell she is broke. These are just insane antics of a bitter woman.

6.)    Are more states going to start adopting “Stand Your Ground” laws?

That all depends if the media can get more people to adopt the ideology that “Black America is scary” to White America.

7.)    What drug was Ginuwine on during this live performance by TGT on live TV?

He looked like he may have either popped an X pill or did some coke. He was too hyper. He wasn’t really mellowed out. He had trouble controlling himself. Might have been that “booger sugar”. Just estimating, though.

One of those drugs. I swear to you.

One of those drugs. I swear to you.

8.)    If you were defrauding the government for 20+ million dollars why would you brag about it on your Facebook page?

If I was defrauding the government, most of you all wouldn’t know my whereabouts. If you all did know anything, my occupation would be “freelance consultant” or so other foolishness that lead through a cycle of vagueness.

9.)    Is this not the worst part of sports year with only baseball to watch?

Baseball is fun to play and not a lot of fun to watch (unless you are at the game itself). It becomes too long and drawn out.

10.)           Who said that straight A, Asian high school students couldn’t use Notorious B.I.G. lyrics and have some “gangster” in them?

I have no clue. But the inclusion of anything B.I.G. inspired in the conscience of anything academic makes me laugh.

11.)           What is Detroit to do now since the city has filed for bankruptcy?

They need to get their economy going. Point blank. Period. People can point fingers all they want. They are an industry city that lost a lot of its industry. This is what happens to a lot of ghost towns in America. The industry goes, the money goes. Just that simple.

12.)           How do you feel about the Mobile, Alabama high school cheerleading/dance squad “The Prancing Elites”?

Are you wondering how I felt before or after my eyes stopped burning?

13.)           Will anyone stop the Miami Heat from a 3 peat?

You have to remember that there are no more “dominant” basketball teams. Your last “totally dominant” basketball team was the Michael Jordan Bulls. And that all goes back to their leader. LeBron James is an apex competitor. Michael Jordan was an apex predator. Just ask Mugsy Bogues. words.

Man……no words.

14.)           Am I the only one looking forward to seeing Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave?

Yes, I am. Way more than people can believe. It can’t be anything short of greatness, though. Not with a cast like that.

15.)           How many people know that Fruitvale Station is a retelling of the life of Oscar Grant?

I knew off the top it was retelling the story. The problem is that more and more people need to see this movie. I did. It was well worth the price of admission.

16.)           Is a Lil Wayne concert that serious that you would leave your kids in the car to go? Did women do this for Teddy Pendergrass or Keith Sweat?

Lil Wayne isn’t even as good as he used to be. It may be a great show, but isn’t this what babysitters are for? And no, they didn’t do this foolishness for Teddy P or Keith Sweat.

17.)           Will the film “Big Words” really show how hip hop grows up and matures?

I hope so. There are plenty of people can attest for this type of situation. If anything, J-Zone would be the king of “life after rap” conversations.

18.)           Why did they think House Party 5 was a good idea? Even with the Kid N Play Cameo WHY!!??

Hollywood is great at milking old concepts. However, it makes sense to milk something when the cow has died.

19.)           Is Kanye West serious saying his verse on “New Slave” is the best of all-time?

I mean, he probably still feels that way. However, people can’t take that statement seriously unless they are Kanye stans. Otherwise, it is just the rant of a highly talented, and overly arrogant, rapper/producer.

20.)           Who is really still watches True Blood?

I still watch True Blood. A lot of my people still watch True Blood. Oh, and the average 4 million viewers per episode. (

21.)           Is Lolo Jones the modern-day Anna Kournikova?

Maybe so. The real question is whether that is a good thing or bad thing.

Well, I don't think it is bad........yet..............

Well, I don’t think it is bad……..yet…………..

22.)           Why was Rae Dawn Chong blacking out on Oprah calling her a “field nigger”?

Jealousy. Old rivalries. Old issues. There is no telling with people nowadays unless the issues are obvious.

23.)           Did the media do more damage to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case than anyone?

I think that they did. Then again, the media truly reminded us that a lot of people have a disdain for Black America (including a lot of Black people). It is sad when people mention wedge issues to take away from the Trayvon Martin case. Also, there are other cases that need to be spoken for that Black leaders have ignored. But, in due time I shall get into that.

24.)           Who else is not really feeling Jay-Z’s Magna Carta, Holy Grail? And…

I like his album. I don’t know what people were expecting, though. The beats are damn good. The lyrics are cool. There is no groundbreaking stuff lyrically. He is past that part of his life (maybe). Or maybe people’s expectations are way too high.

25.)           Really feeling J. Cole’s Born Sinner?

I really enjoyed J. Cole’s album. Mind you, people consider J. Cole very “monotonous”, “monotone”, and “boring”. That is fine. Then again, the same thing can be said for people like Evidence and Nas. He has flow. He has lyrics. He makes dope beats. He says profound stuff in his rhymes. I can get with it.

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