Do people really understand what Phonte is trying to get across to you all? He is trying to convey the feeling of a break up that may be necessary but unwanted. So, how should one feel? Do you want to move on fully or do you want the other person to miss you? Phonte wants his ex to miss all his loving. We need to realize that a break up isn’t always a mutual or desirous situation.

But what do you do when you really NEED to break it off?


I met this guy at 18 and he was 17….I have tried to let him go time after time. We’ve been together for 9 years now. He’s done a lot for me. I don’t have any family, and not many friends. Of course, I knew there would be times where he would feel the need to be with someone else. But, I have fallen on hard times…when I’ve always had my own car, apartment…all that because of an issue with school. We have a place now that he is paying for. And now, he’s telling me he wants a break because I found these disgusting pics (which I wasn’t snooping for). I still have to finish school. Yet, I am good with that.

He has basically wasted 9 years of my life. What do you think?


If he wasted any years of your life, then you need to look in the mirror. Nobody told you to stick around with him in the first place. YOU made that choice. So, you should take some responsibility for that part. Don’t look around and say “he wasted your time” when you know you gave him the opportunity to waste it.


You don’t go to McDonald’s and complain about the low quality, high calorie food after nine years, do you? If you do, you need to reconsider your actions.

Oh, wait: he did a lot for you, though. So THAT is why you stuck around. He may not be perfect, but he held you down. He supported you when you fell on hard times. Still, he has some ways about himself that makes you question is dedication and desire for the loving you have for him.

Love 4 Letters

I understand.

But guess what? You have to move on.

Moving on will prove that you can make your own decisions and break the chains of madness that you are putting yourself through. I know he can be a very supportive man. However, his off-brand decision making (caught up with nasty pics, wanting space after moving you in) is questionable at best. As great as he is, your own self-worth is of much more value. And that self-worth is something you can give up those kisses and good times for.

Love IS

Find your independence, woman.

‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

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